Building an E learning Course with Camtasia Studio 8

hello and welcome to the introduction of the building an e-learning course with Camtasia Studio a video course I'm Joe Deegan and after nine years of creating hundreds of screencasts and training videos used for e-learning courses I've learned a few lessons that will help you successfully build elearning courses using Camtasia Studio 8 in this section we'll get things started by introducing you to what you'll learn and I'll give you some tips that will help you make the most out of this course so you can be sure you're ready to create effective e-learning courses using Camtasia Studio 8 upon completion of the course contagious studio is a great tool that makes it easy for teachers corporate trainers and subject matter experts to create interactive videos and screen recordings for e-learning courses or as performance support resources for instructor-led courses in this course we'll go beyond the basics and you'll learn how to overcome challenges specific de learning whether using it to train employees educate students or support customers this video course will teach you what you need to know to create effective elearning courses using Camtasia Studio 8 specifically you'll learn how to navigate and access useful features in Camtasia Studio 8 plan your e-learning project by creating storyboards and configuring project settings use fundamental features such as title clips transitions importing media clips and recording audio record and edit screencast at a professional look and feel capturing lectures and presentations that they can be viewed online or within elearning courses adding interactivity with quizzes and hotspots publishing your projects as easily accessible by your students on a website or through a learning management system such as mobile or blackboard and finally some extra tips that will help you take your courses to the next level this course consists of several sections that can be completed in order if you're looking for a more complete education on Camtasia if you're already familiar with Camtasia and are looking for specific information you can go ahead and jump straight to the video that meets your needs we'll start out by introducing you to Camtasia and its overall potential then we'll dig deeper into how to use its features to create compelling content for your e-learning courses in each section I'll provide demonstrations and examples that will give you an idea of the potential of Camtasia and how it can be used to suit your need on the core site you'll also find example files that you can download and use to follow along with each lesson along with the screen recording is in each section also recommend specific practice activities that will help you retain the information being covered the practice activities can be completed using the example files available to be downloaded or you can start from scratch by creating your own Camtasia project completing the practice activities is crucial to truly understanding the information being covered so make sure to not skip them at the end of each video so let's dig into it and get started with a tour of Camtasia Studio 8 so that you're familiar with the features available and how to access them if you don't have much experience with video editing software it can be difficult to get started but this next section will help you to take the first steps towards creating an e-learning course using Camtasia

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