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in a time when the demands on people and machines as well as the associated technical standards are changing more and more quickly you need a partner who understands customer needs leymah mechatronics offers customized solutions tailored precisely to the intended use and the specific requirements of the customer developments in automotive and industrial automation from the idea to the finished product on the road and in production [Applause] as a development partner for many large manufacturers in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry the blamer mechatronics team has developed an extensive range of exciting projects and gained unique expertise in electronics mechatronics and mechanics customers from regional small and medium businesses to international vehicle manufacturers rely on the competence experience and staying power of Braemar mechatronics development work ranges from complex switches and robust control units circuit development for future-oriented battery management a comprehensive expertise in homogenous illumination to state-of-the-art LED technology premier mechatronics supports the development through from the first prototype to the production stage working in close collaboration with customers once a product has been developed it has to be put through its paces before can go into production Hema mechatronics has a state-of-the-art accredited an independent environmental simulation laboratory that can simulate almost all requirements for a component coordinated to the needs of the customer standardized tests can show whether the product will prove itself in practice water dust and temperature tests under extreme conditions are possible as well as mechanical tests ESD or high current simulations state of the art calibrated measuring equipment records the test results and Braemar mechatronics certifies that the product can be used in practice and in production many years of experience with switches and electronic components has created unique know-how and a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the idea to the finished product the motto is short runs and reorders are handled flexibly and quickly in-house tailored to the customer's requirements for high volumes Brima mechatronics relies on efficient and reliable international production partners who meet the high demands of the automotive industry in the area of classic parts Lima mechatronics has made a name for itself with its reverse engineering and contacts with high-performance suppliers Kramer mechatronics reliably supplies fans of classic vehicles with individual spare parts blamer mechatronics also has the future in view students are guided through their studies and apprentices receive training innovative research projects provide new impulses for day to day work customized solutions perfect Joel is from Valencia premier mechatronics

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