Board of Education Meeting for October 14, 2019

this time I’ll call
October meeting of the haywood County Board of Education to order this time board
members please rise for our invocation immediately followed by our Pledge of
Allegiance let us pray our most gracious Heavenly Father we thank you
for the opportunity to serve Haywood County Schools we pray for your guidance
and wisdom as we undertake the decisions that we make that they might be for the
betterment of all concerned and glorifying unto you thank you for all
the many blessings that we enjoy in this great country and we ask for peace
throughout the world we ask that our students staff and administrators be
safe throughout this year and that we are successful at our task of educating
our young people now Lord be with us as we conduct the business of our schools
in your Holy Name we pray amen I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all you may be seated under announcements our next board
meeting will be held here at the Education Center on Thursday November
7th and that’s due to the fact that we’ve got a lot of holiday stuff coming
up and other issues also we have North High School Board Association annual
conference coming up November 18th through the 20th like to announce that
mr. Rogers Jimmy Rogers cannot be here tonight due to a work commitment and he
was unable to call in tonight due to the lack of cell service where he is so
he’s in the boonies somewhere without cell phone service way down in south
Georgia say it’s sketchy at places down there any other announcements that need
to be made okay under agenda adjustments help me out board I know we have a
contract that we want to get approved tonight for Kelly services I’ll present
that have items for building and grounds do we’ll do it after going after item 24 will add the kelly services
and then we’ll do the building and grounds has two issues correct finance
has one today okay that will come under your regular
financial but you do have an item that you want to be approved or disapproved
okay okay we have an add-on of Kelly services two items under building
buildings and grounds and one add-on from the Finance Committee is there any
objections to those agenda adjustments there being none we’ll add that to the
agenda now I’m looking for a motion to approve
the agenda as amended so move mr. Kirkpatrick made a motion do I hear second second by dr. Rogers will give dr. Bobby Rogers this one all right any
questions our discussion on a motion on the floor there being none we’ll vote
all those in favor say aye opposed motion carries unanimously
next we have miss wood who’s got some special presentations tonight chairman Francis members of the board
central office and guess it’s my pleasure tonight to introduce you if you
have not met already our Teacher of the Year and our principal of the year our
Teacher of the Year is John Serenius come on up here
he teaches fifth grade at Jonathan Valley and I when I started teaching he
was teaching first grade I guess with me at Jonathan Valley so I’ve known John
for a long time and very well deserving and I’m so proud of him that he is our 2019 2020 Teacher of the Year I just wanted to say thank you very much
that’s quite an honor there are so many wonderful teachers in our County and to
be chosen as a teacher of the years it’s one of the biggest honors ever for me I
just think that it’s such a great place to live and to teach if you can’t be
happy teaching in Haywood County you just can’t be happy teaching because we
have the best kids in the best school system so thank you all for your
leadership and I just enjoy teaching more every year and I just can’t wait I
just I love being with the kids and I just want to get back to him to be honest I had to go to the interview today and for regional Teacher of the
Year and I actually missed what they were doing in class they were working on
a big project and I can’t wait to see what they did when I get back so thank
you very much in our principle of the year Lori Fox
from Heywood early college and I had the pleasure of meeting with them last week
the whole staff at the early college and during lunch they were talking about
kids and instruction and all this good stuff that you know when I was
teaching we didn’t necessarily talk about that during
lunch but they were all talking about that and and what was good for kids and
they all know their kids and she’s done a great job as the leader there so
Lori I just I just want to echo mr. Serenius and
what an honor it is to represent such a fine group of people the principals in
Haywood County and to represent a school that just motivates you and inspires you
to do more and be better and you go to bed thinking about it at night you wake
up in the morning thinking about it you just can’t wait to get there the next
day so thank you thank you for what you do for us next on our agenda is dr. Nolte mr. chairman members to the board staff
and guests it is my distinct pleasure to present you with an award as the board
I’ll bring it up to you and we’ll let Belenda to get your picture in a moment
but most of you know this but for public consumption school boards in North
Carolina are recognized with a silver bell award when the whole board the
entire board has a minimum of 12 hours of CEU training during the year not
every school system does that especially a nine-member board
it’s easy to miss someone so this was actually presented at the recent back in
September of the recent Regional School Boards Association meeting and this time
is my pleasure to present to you in our meeting the silver bear Bell award for a
whole board training it was a group effort by we
do appreciate all the time and effort you put into growing as Board members
thank you dr. Nolte next we have mr. Heinz with some special recognitions y’all are a hard act to follow so tonight that the mr. chairman members of
the board it’s my special privilege to get to recognize Haywood County Schools
our school district our teachers administrators and others who have made
this happen we were contacted by the National Board for professional teaching
standards back in September late September to let us know that
Haywood County Schools would be recognized nationwide for our
accomplishments in this area first I’d like to read to you what the National
Board standards are about the founding mission of the National Board for
professional teaching standards is to advance the quality of teaching and
learning by maintaining high rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers
should know and be able to do provide a national voluntary system certifying
teachers who meet these standards and advocating related education reforms to
integrate national board certification in American education to capitalize on
the expertise of national board certified teachers recognized as the
gold standard in teacher certification the National Board believes higher
standards for teachers means better learning for students so in September
they let us know that the National Board for professional teaching standards has
unveiled a program through recognized school districts across the country the
work heart to promote student learning through accomplished teaching national
board accomplished districts program will initially honor 81 districts in
which at least 20% of its teachers have achieved national board certification
encouraging teachers to be their best and effectively driving student learning
so I did a little research on that all they said was 81 districts across the
country would be recognized I don’t know if y’all have ever had the number put to
you or not but there are fourteen thousand eight hundred and thirty
six school districts in the United States eighty-one of them are being
recognized and were one of them so we’re that’s I did the math I’m not
real good at math I was social studies teacher but that’s five hundred
thousandth of 1% of the school districts across the country five thousands of one
percent so this program was really started back under Carol Douglas when
she was the HR director and she gave great support to beginning teachers and
great support to teachers trying to get National Board Certification and when I
came in I continued that by hiring some really good people to help our teachers
they want to attempt this and so tonight we want to thank our teachers who have
attempted to do this and they have received certification we want to thank
our administrators who have supported them all these folks sitting over here
all the principals out there supporting them out every step of the way and
getting that certification to be more effective and we have two folks behind
us here Joy Sollie and Sandy Strahan who have been very instrumental and also Lynn
Carter who has been helping get them through the process helping the coach
them on their portfolios and make sure that they’re successful over 50 percent
of the teachers have been successful that have attempted this where the
national average is about 20 percent so these ladies behind me have done a great
job and we appreciate what y’all any questions that I think that’s
amazing and I really want to say thank you for what you’re doing for our
teachers and our school sytem we appreciate y’all’s support too and you know
approving the budgets that we use to help them pay for things and that’s the
biggest hurdle for the teachers as helping them with financially while they
attempt this because it’s it’s not a cheap or inexpensive endeavor for them
so that’s awesome they do get paid back in the long run but it is helpful so we
appreciate it thank you thank you I’m next mr. chairman members of the
board I’m here to present in regards to policy forty two seventy sixty one forty
five which would require the superintendent to provide an annual
report to the board on compliance with laws and policies related to Student
Wellness which shall include a report on the system’s compliance with laws and
policies related to concussions and head injuries on June sixth I met with all
athletic directors and reviewed this policy sections b e and g are audited
each school year by DPI Pisgah high school was audited this year for the
2018-19 school year and Casey Kruk submitted all items requested and the
audit was successful so we are in compliance there all school athletic
directors were reminded of the requirement of the concussion sheet that
all athletes parents guardians school employees volunteer or first responders
must complete pertaining to concussion before they are allowed to participate
in Interscholastic Athletic activities also encouraged ADs to have a preseason
parent meeting to take care of these items in the timely manner athletic directors were reminded to have
emergency action plans in place for each venue specific location on their campus
that must include the requirements of in Section E I just want to brag on our athletic
directors all of our athletic directors do a great job keeping up with all the
necessary paperwork pertaining to athletics including but not limited to
yearly School physicals consent to treat in concussion sheets you have a new
program called family ID actually I believe Mark Shepard brought that on
just ahead me taking this position this program allows for information to be
stored and entered by either the athletic director of the athlete or
parent the athlete’s parent or guardian once a student is entered their
information will follow them from a middle school through high school
another convenient feature is once the information is loaded parents will be
able to log in and print copies of their child’s physicals the program alerts the
a/d parent or guardian when a physical will expire so that helps us comply with
record-keeping section G so that is the on behalf of the superintendent that is
the annual report on record keeping or concussions and head injuries any
questions or comments okay I’ve actually jumped out of order so I’ll apologize that’s dr. Nolte’s fault because he said
that was next Sorry dr. Nolte I’ll still have a job all right next we have a
special recognition we have Joe Buchanan if you will come on up Joe was recognized by the North Carolina
public school maintenance Association he was selected out of all the maintenance
directors in all of North Carolina as the maintenance director of the year
that’s quite an accomplishment if you think about how many maintenance
directors there are around you say in the state of the state for the state yes
today for the state the state okay you’re taking notes just for miss King
she’s keeping notes mr. Kirkpatrick asked for clarification four times thanks we have miss Barker out of order again we’re back on track we’re about he probably doesn’t want to do my job
either chairman Francis members of the board and central office last
month I told you I wanted to come back and hit a few more highlights and I know
that was that data had just been released so and I know y’all have had
time to process a little bit and talk I won’t go back through this list I did
want to tell you that Riverbend elementary and Belinda you might want to
help me out here but they are nominated for the title one distinguished school
they’re in the final two we were down there today
they had a lot of guests from all over the state there they were interviewing
the kids dr. Nolte and I walked in as soon as
they’d interviewed the kids are like we love these kids these kids are hilarious
so I feel good about it will go next Thursday to Greensboro miss Trantham
will be at the Title 1 conference but will be at that luncheon so it’s their
time they deserve that award they are definitely a distinguished school and I
told you you tell those people that you could take this staff and you and you
know the culture of this school and and what y’all do every day as far as
instruction and you could make it a successful school so I mean you see her
tell her and her self congratulations so I wanted to add that too they have even
being nominated as huge so we’re hoping for the best for them they’ll do
they’ll do great so just again you know early college I did want to say you
have John Serenius sitting here tonight teacher here Jonathan Valley exceeded
great this year and he is a wonderful phenomenal teacher I interviewed him not
long ago for a podcast so listen into that his passion for teaching is huge
when I first met him he was a photographer for the Mountaineer so he
really has found his calling and Lori of course y’all know the early college
and the accolades being a Blue Ribbon School and they’re tied for first in the
state so I do wanna share Teresa Cook compile this information I think it’s
very interesting I think it gives you a better look when you talk about you know
North Carolina having 115 public school districts this is math okay so if you
see on the left our third grade math we are 10th out of a hundred and fifteen
districts in the state in third grade math I mean that’s huge you know to put
it in that perspective and you look at the the nine districts in front of us I
was on the phone with the Madison assistant superintendent and just talked
to her about she used to come to us and see what we do they’ve been really well
we use the same math program so they’ve got a lost success with that fourth
grade math again we’re tenth in the state out of 115 districts fifth grade
math drop somewhat to 38 but still in out of a
hundred and fifteen districts in fifth grade math we’re very very proud of that
and I know Kim Shipman is working really hard we are we believe in investigations
we’re doing a lot of retraining with that we’ve had some new hires so we are
going back and really working on that this year but again when you see these
teachers this is this fits in a lot of perspective about how good our district
is doing okay as far as six and seventh grade math out of 115 districts
our sixth grade math you can see is 34 seventh grade math and I’ll go ahead
and tell you the scores from math go down every year so our high school scores are
our lowest scores and they go in that order 3rd 4th 5th they go down in ela in
English it’s total opposite our high scores are in English too and 8th grade
so it’s very interesting to look at that and there’s probably some some reasons
for that but and in eighth grade math were 46 and so you can see there’s those
counties that are in the top 20 some of them are Western Counties some arn’t so we
are looking at just some different things there but again to be 46 out of
115 districts is really really good go back up Brook to math one and again this
year Math one is kind of wonky because remember we didn’t get to get the bank
scores so we’re not sure if we’re being compared to the same people but Knox
Hardin and Miss cherry that Jason hires through title was it title 2 Jason
you hire her they were in my office all day working on some math one
assessments they help the teachers the teachers have reached out to them saying
they’re in those classrooms all the time and just looking at math one but our
teachers are still doing a great job with that so we’ll continue to get
better but just wanted to show you those any questions just about math as a whole okay
all right when you look at ela and english language arts and you know typically you
think your your math scores are higher than English language arts usually
scroll down just a little bit more brook there you can see Haywood County Schools
third grade is in 21st of 115 fourth grade 18th and then fifth grade 19th out
of 115 districts in English language arts now again remember they’re gonna
get better as we go down which is this is we do an incredible job in literacy
in our district and we’ve had a lot of focus on that okay sixth grade 31st
seventh grade 41st in the state eighth grade ela 14th out of a hundred and
fifteen district English 2 14th out of a hundred and fifteen districts our
English two scores so I know that we you know we strive to get better but we have
to step back sometimes and realize you know what we have accomplished and brag
on our people those are those are great scores people would kill to be where we
are there I’m very very proud of that science for 5th grade science 35th and
you can also see the scores hope you know tight it can be our eighth grade
science 8th and the state of 115 districts keep saying that so I just
want there’s a combined total there for fifth and eighth grade science but look
at biology and being a high school principal we worked hard on biology 17th
so I’m very very proud of that in a traditional high school looks good we
I’ve had a lot of people call me about our ACT and WorkKeys you know and I
will tell you we’ve worked too hard on that but this is something to be you
know extremely proud of seventh in the state on the ACT and that’s the test
that matters to our kids and it does and so look at the district’s ahead of us
some are huge and some of them you know I
we’re in great company there but look how close I mean Watauga seventy
two point nine so we’re not I mean I know our high schools are very focused on
just want the best scores they can get for the kids in that and then the ACT
WorkKeys combined were 9th in the state so I thought does that help put it in
perspective somewhat yes have to tell you a story though I was Kennedy
asked me one day what have you been working on I was telling her growth now
this is proficiency but I’ve been working on EVOS and growth and
tellling her about that she said mom but how do you measure when a teacher grows you
as a human being how do y’all measure that thats a good questioned can I show
you so you know I think you know dr. bill used to remember as early you
know I was a principal he would get them talk about extra curricular and clubs and
programs and all these other pieces that are important to the academics are a
huge piece too so I want to be proud of that
and proud of our kids and our teachers and their principals and this staff that
we’re working so hard to just try to make it better for our kids they get the
best education they can get but what questions you have for me I don’t think
there’s a question I just like make a comment that’s quite an accomplishment
from our staff and administration and students parents the whole community
yeah I mean our principals right now they are very committed and I just
wanted to do I love working with them they’re doing a fantastic job these
people here it’s just a lot of passionate people out there so I’m proud
to be where I’m you know when you’re when you’re in third grade math in your
tenth in the state there are people in our district that are first within that
so you know you can really drill on down so when you see them just tell them
great job yeah I appreciate you and your support and thank you thank you good
report mr. Kings anyone signed up to address the board tonight in open session this time I’ll entertain a motion to
approve the minutes as presented from the closed and regular session meeting
on September the 9th so move Mr. Kirkpatrick made a motion I hear second miss
Barrett any questions or discussion on the motion on the floor there being none
we’ll vote all those in favor say aye opposed motion carries unanimously we need to approve the folks that are
going to travel to the annual conference just a motion to approve those board
members that are attending it make a motion miss Barrett’s made a motion
to approve our trip to the annual conference do I hear second I’ll second
second mr. Clark any questions or comments on the motion on the floor
there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye
opposed motion carries unanimously in reference to that also we have the
opportunity to send or have 4 voting delegates based on our current
expenditures and I checked this with miss Gardner make sure wouldn’t cheating
the system felt like in the past it was local currently it says total current
expenditures funds 1 2 & 3 so we figured it out
we’re eligible for 4 how many folks are going raise your hand who all wants
to be voting delegate Jimmy’s down as
voting delegate and then put Larry down and Jim down nope nope and anne settles it Jimmy Rogers Larry Anne and
Bobby she’s on there I’ve got a room for another one Jim Jim okay gonna be an
alternate yeah Roger okay okay so I make a motion we do that do we have to
make motion we have a motion on the floor
there’s our voting delegates to be mr. Jimmy Rogers mr. Larry Henson Miss anne Barrett
mr. Jim Francis and our first alternate dr. Bobby Rogers and that’s
in the form of a motion from mr. Kirkpatrick do I hear second I’ll second
second mr. Clark any question or discussion on the motion on the floor there being
none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carries unanimously
all right we’re back to dr. Nolte mr. chairman members the board we have a
technical error in that our list did not attach I can come back in a minute and
read you those names for the council unless you want to trust us and have us
send it to you later no I make a motion we approve the Parent
Advisory Council for 19th 2019 as was going to be presenting right
there yeah thank you so we have a motion from mr. kirkpatrick
do I hear second I’ll second mr. Francis any question or discussion on
the motion on the floor did you send that link to us will we’ll put it in the
minutes and send you the names have them right here any question or discussion on
the motion on the floor there being then we’ll vote all those in favor say aye
aye opposed motion carries unanimously now they’ve accused me a few times of
trying to practice law at the DA’s office trying to get my kids off of
speeding tickets and stuff so I’m I’m Pat’s Mathers tonight mr. Smathers had
to leave and for a meeting tonight and we have an item on here that we need to
approve the sale of the terrace Drive property in canton and the purchase
price is twenty four thousand six hundred sixty seven dollars and the
property is nine eighteen Terrace Drive canton and my understanding is is mr.
smathers will put this in the paper and it still would be subject to a possible
upset bid that will be taken by our superintendent’s office after it’s being
printed in the paper all we need to do now is just approve this sale of this
offering contract is that correct am I saying it right okay I’ll make a motion
we accept the bid okay we have a we have a motion for mr. Kirkpatrick
do I hear second dr. Rogers any question or discussion on the motion on
the floor there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye aye opposed
motion carries unanimously next we have an item from mr.
Kirkpatrick yes thank you mr. chairman uh special issues committee we met
September the 23rd and we’d like to bring before the whole board a motion to
approve the honorarium approved in closed session which will be announced
at a later date yes that’s in a form of a motion
okay we have a motion from mr. Kirkpatrick do I hear a second
dr. Rogers any questions or comments on the motion on the floor there being none
we’ll vote all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carries unanimously all right dr. Putnam he’s already up
again I didn’t listen to dr. Nolte this time
all right I’m here to request application for payment for the Pisgah
high school addition from lottery we have four more payments after this year for
the Pisgah high school addition the four remaining payments totaled just over
seven hundred and nine thousand the final payment being made December 2023
our current Lottery balance is 1 million six hundred sixty two thousand five
hundred and thirty-four dollars and forty four cents requesting a hundred
and eighty six thousand four hundred forty seven dollars and fifty cents
with your approval I can make that request make a motion to approve
okay mr. Henson’s made the motion to approve and mr. dr. Rogers is made
second any questions or discussion on the motion on the floor
there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye
aye opposed motion carries unanimously thank you thank you Miss Gardner is gonna get our budget
caught up here good evening chairman Francis members of the board I’m here
this evening requesting your approval of agenda item number 21 2019-20 budget
resolution to this point we have been operating off of the interim budget
resolution that you approved in June we typically make that interim budget
resolution good for about five months of expenditures well it’s October and at
the end of September the state did drop allocations and what that is it’s there
were 2018-19 we’re operating under a continuation budget on the state side so
this evening you will be approving the budgets the budget resolution at the
purpose level that is the legal level of control for expenditures within the
state mandated chart of account so you’ll see it’s five thousand is instructional
services six thousand a system-wide support seven thousand ancillary and
eight thousand its non-program charges and after tonight any change at that
level has to come to the board in the form of a budget amendment for your
approval just very briefly each budget the state budget as I said is a
continuation budget of 2018-19 local current expense budget is based on
the revenue side is based on the county appropriation and anticipated fines and
forfeitures and ABC revenue you’ll notice at this time there is no
appropriated funds we talked about that last spring we will appropriate that as
we get closer to the end of the year federal budgets federal grant budgets
it’s kind of a partial budget we have several budgets that are tied together
for with the CCIP the comprehensive continuous improvement plan that
connects this district goals for improvement to budgeted activities and
so there’s about four or five that what they all get approved together but it’s
contingent upon approval of that plan so we’re sitting at just over two million
in federal but that will go get closer to about five point 2 million when it’s
all done capital outlay that is $900,000
that it’s requested from our county commissioners and during the spring
budget session and child nutrition budget we are bringing this evening the
same amount that they requested approval for in the spring we may have to go back
and do an adjustment for her or an amendment since we don’t know pay
increases at this time we do know there was an increase in retirement insurance
so it’s at a later date she may do an amendment that she was comfortable going
ahead and bring in what you all approved in the spring at this point
and finally fund eight includes budgeted carryover as well as
anticipated revenues from programs such as our WIOA ROTC and after-school and
facility use programs very quickly all of these budgets total to just over 70
point four million dollars of that seventy million dollars 84% is budgeted
to salaries and benefits that’s a lot of money if you look back five years ago
the budget resolution was close to the same amount and about 76 percent at that
time was budgeted for salaries and benefits but of course you know
insurance and five years has gone up a thousand dollars per person
our retirement rate five years ago was fifteen point one two percent it is now
19.7% and so when you have those budgeted
dollars and those benefits keep increasing it really just pushes that
total percent any questions and at this time we’ll entertain a
motion to approve the budget resolution I like I’ll make a motion to approve the
2019 2020 budget resolution presented I’ll second
okay we have a motion from mr. Francis second of mr. Hinson excuse
me knew I was gonna do that tonight mr. Clark please excuse you have a second by Mr. Clark
any question or discussion on the motion on the floor there being none all
those in favor say aye opposed motion carries unanimously
thank you miss Gardner maybe I need to get to sleep little earlier tonight all
right next we have dr. nolte for the first time also not attached but
here and we’ll send it to you I’m sorry for the first time we are in need of a
Turkish Arabic interpreter and we have a contract here that would enter into that
agreement for 46 dollars an hour for a face-to-face meeting and we know that we
have one hour that we’ll need to use but possibly others that’s part of our
requirement under serving students who have English as a second language not as
their primary language we’re very familiar with serving Hispanic students
we’ve had variety of students that we need to serve in the past and we can
usually find those in the community this is the first time that we’ve needed one
for Turkish Arabic okay anybody want to make the motion to
approve that service agreement dr. Rogers made the motion 2nd by
mr. Clark any question or discussion on a motion
on the floor how does this contract correlate or relate to other
interpreters we’ve we’ve had or other languages cost for other languages it is the going rate very unique okay there is this to
communicate with the parents okay that’s what okay any other questions comments
there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carries
unanimously thank you dr. putnam there are four in
total but three are grouped together the first three are 1510 42 / 4200 / 72 70
in the policy for school safety second policy 17 20/40 15 / 72 25 discrimination
harassment and bullying complaint procedure in the last one in that group
43 33 and weapons bomb threats terrorist threats and clearer threats to safety I
group all those together because they have one thing in common they all
reference the new anonymous safety tip line that is now required by state law
if you’ll remember I brought to you in a work session to see something say
something anonymous reporting app that is now state funded state operated and
state required and these policies actually came out ahead of the anonymous
reporting system so they’ve been tabled since the spring
I didn’t think y’all would want to put in policy policies that you couldn’t act
upon or actually fulfill and we could not until the anonymous reporting system
become functional the best we can tell dpi and the state is telling us that
these this anonymous reporting system will be functional November
forth so we got it to you in time to table it for first read and then
hopefully approve that the November meeting so that it’s just an it’s
actually on the same day that it got the anonymous reporting goes live and then
the last last one is 3101 which is dual enrollment and basically the the main
change in this policy is that it takes out language that uses junior and senior
to simply read qualified high school student that’s the the major changing
3101 dual enrollment okay all the listed policies will be tabled until next board
meeting to allow public input any questions for dr. Putnam thank you sir
thank you next we’re going to do the regular
monthly finance reports with a couple of add-ons I think it was or one okay
the Finance Committee has reviewed regular monthly finance report and
everything looks good so I’ll make a motion to approve that okay from mr.
Clark second from mr. Henson any questions or discussion on
the motion on the floor there being none we’ll vote all those
in favor say aye aye opposed motion carries unanimously okay now I’m gonna also
make a motion to approve the purchase of an activity bus from fund eight with the
possibility of getting reimbursed and I guess there’s a lawsuit with Volkswagen
over admissions and anyway we have a way if we purchase the bus apply for a
grant and get reimbursed but we have to buy the bus first and we don’t need one
were plan on buying one anyway but if we go ahead and buy it and go through the
steps then one good chance we’ll get reimbursed for
go ahead and approve the buying a bus right now okay we have a motion
mr. Clark do I hear second miss Barrett any questions or discussion on the
motion on the floor there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye
opposed motion carries unanimously then we had we say we was gonna do kelly first or building and grounds first lets do building and grounds that will give me more chance to get my words together Mr. chairman we got two motions to bring before the board tonight the first one is to approve the renovation of the large conference room here at the education center but depending on DPI plans and appoval it may also include the small conference room in order to meet the size requirements by DPI to convert those into science labs that will be used by Tuscola and Pisgah’s AP Science classes as well as used by Central Haywood we have a motion from
dr. Rogers from the building and grounds do I hear second I’ll second mr. Francis
any questions or discussion on the motion on the floor any cost estimates on that yet we already have 75 thousand dollars approved for this and we needed a new lab I think I remember that okay any other questions or comments there being none we’ll vote all those in favor say aye
opposed motion carries unanimously we also have another in effort to
expedite the renovation of science labs building and ground moves that we waive the formal bid process we need those built already so we need to move ahead for this project only we want to waive okay we have a motion from dr. Rogers in the building and grounds committee chair do I hear second
second miss Barrett any questions or comments on the motion on the floor there being none we’ll vote all those
in favor say aye aye opposed motion carries unanimously
all right next on our agenda we have a contract with kelly services and to
approve tonight and it’s for you want to talk to us about it dr. Putnam and give
us a little synopsis of it I know there we’ve heard it a couple of
times but just a brief yes Kelly the Kelly staffing option was presented in
work session and discs discussed ad nauseam and mr. Smathers actually took
the contract for Kelly’s staffing and reviewed that contract to go over any
legal issues that may exist and essentially Kelly staffing what they
will do is provide temporary employment and fill positions where we are having
difficulty finding substitutes in child nutrition and in our custodial positions
these these folks will not be our employee they will be an employee of
Kelly staffing services Kelly staffing services provides them their pay Kelly
staffing provides them their benefits package and any incentives they may
receive we are contracting with Kelly staffing
to provide us fill ins or temporary help where needed so to use as an example our
two of our assistant principals had to fill in on a serving line in Tuscola
high school last Friday and serve on those serving lines because we could not
find available substitutes for our child nutrition staff at that site that’s
become pretty commonplace and is really putting a lot of stress on our other
employees and so we’re just trying to alleviate some of that stress and so we
feel like it’ll be a big help to those areas that being custodial and child
nutrition and those two areas only okay this time we entertain a motion we
approved the contract with Kelly’s staffing okay
dr. Rogers made the motion I hear second I’ll second second by mr. Clark any
questions or comments on the motion on the floor I just want to make sure make
it clear that this is to help our employees out there and then by no means
are we trying to replace them or or anything like that this is this is a way
to help the schools and get them through those rough times when we may have a
employee that’s sick for you know a couple weeks or something our extended
period of time in order to keep the our system going and operating the most
efficient ways possible any other questions or comments there being none
we’ll vote all those in favor say aye opposed no we have what is it eight seven
for and one against six six one six six one six six to one motion carries
I can’t count tonight six six one we’re verifying that we got it next we have dr.
Nolte for our person now mr. chairman members of the board staff and our
guests at this time I come to you to present the personnel that we discussed
earlier in closed session for your information 13 separation from
employment and 1 leave of absence for your approval 12 employments 20 employee
status changes 2 contracted services 5 substitutes 24 employee coaches 9 non
employee coaches 13 volunteer coaching services and 88 bus driver hour
verifications make a motion to approve personnel as presented mr. kirkpatrick made the motion hear a second Miss Barrett any questions or discussion
on the motion on the floor there being none we will vote all those in favor say aye opposed motion carries unanimously thank you board thank you very much I appreciate everybody’s work hard work on
the committee’s and we’ve covered a lot of stuff tonight I sure do appreciate
everybody’s attention and working hard tonight so there not being nothing
that’s to come before the board meeting adjourned

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