Biotechnology Technologist – Durham College

The good thing about biotechnology is we’re
kind of geared to do anything in the industry. Microbiology. Wet chemistry. Quality control
testing on food. Cutures… right now we’re making wine. Chromatography. Separating different
DNA by sizes. There’s just so many different sciences. Identifying unknown DNA fragments. Those are basically all the fun ones. My mom is absolutely fascinated. She thinks
it’s the coolest thing ever and can’t believe I’m taking biotechnology. Since I was a kid I wanted to splice DNA or
do something like that. I was always really interested in the sciences
and I had looked online a the website. All the information they gave about biotechnology,
it had a lot of job opportunities. I also was interested in the hands-on experience
that you get at the college. This year I have six labs through the five days of school.
So I mean it’s a lot of hands on experience that I can actually use in the workplace. Durham College gave me the practical skills
that employers want to see. You have such a broad range of knowledge at
the end of the three years you can go apply for several positions. Somebody coming in on their own can expect
to leave here working. There’s things you can do with DNA that other sciences can’t
do and other medicines can’t do, and it’s kind of the future of medicine.

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