Biotechnology: It’s the little things that change the world

Biotechnology is the application
of biology — how we use the biological process
of microorganisms for application purpose. I’m a microbiologist
and I isolate microalgae and grow them up, and look for
what sort of property they have. We are developing an innovative
approach to microalgae cultivation to produce biofuel
and bioproducts. I’m discovering new things
every day. Hopefully, that discovery can apply
to the society — it’s always what we aim for, and the end
game will be we improve the quality of life
in the society. If we can grow algae for biofuel
it’s good for the renewable, and economically, of course
if we generate new industry in Australia. Biotech is a very broad term
there’s food, fuel and heal; food produced to provide
the people, and the field energy —
renewable energy, and heal — medical term, like
genome sequencing. I came to Australia
from Malaysia to study Bachelor of Biotech in 2003 at
the University of Tasmania. Tasmania is very unique
and you get lots of different international scientists here
as well. You have Australia
Antarctic Division, the university and CSIRO. We get a lot of good scientist
exposure here, and you get a lot personal relationship with your
lecturers and supervisors, and it’s a nice place to stay.
Hopefully we can commercialise this technology.
The impact and output of the research
is really rewarding, and it make you feel like, you’re doing something good for
the society, and that really rewarding,
really what drives you to do, keep doing what we do.

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