Biotechnology Assoc. & Cell and Tissue Culture Certificate Programs @ Bucks County Community College

I am Linda Rhefus and I’m co-coordinator and Assistant Professor Biotechnology and Biology. I’m Steve Goss, an Associate professor
at Bucks County Community College in Biology and Biotechnology. My name is Chelsea, I am a biotechnology
major. Biotechnologies subfield if you will the
pharmaceutical industry that deals with products that are made
from naturally occurring sources. We have two programs here at Bucks; one is a certificate program the other
program is a two year degree program. If you’re right out of high school and
have no background in science whatsoever the associate degree may be better for
you. Or many students elect on to get their Bachelors Degrees at other
institutions. You’re going to learn how to separate
and identify the major molecules studied in biotech
and pharmaceutical companies. In the biotechnology program here, I have
learned DNA replication and cloning, and we got to work with stem cells, and million cells. Most of the
time in the classroom is actually in the
laboratory and you are getting practical experience in
life sciences, in which you would learn how to use a variety of basic
laboratory instruments such as pipetters, glassware, spectrophotometers and various kind of what we call basic
laboratory instrumentation. The classes are relatively
small that means that the professors can help you more one-on-one. our program is a very hands for most time that spend on campus will be in laboratories doing experiments and
learning techniques. You perform a series of lab
experiments every week and even from semester to semester your
science experiments are related so by the end of the two years you’ve done a whole little project from start to finish. The professors here at Bucks genuinely want you
to succeed so they’re always here offering help. In this course you learn all the different steps that are involved in
producing a biological. Still the best opportunities were entry-level which we have as an
associate degree of even perhaps if you’re returning to take a certificate are in the bio manufacturing sector.
A student graduating with two year degree will be able to gain employment as an
entry-level Biotechnician.


  1. Divya Patel said:

    So after getting the biotech degree, would I be able to find job?? If so what kind of jobs, and this field sounds interesting to me…

    November 15, 2013
  2. Divya Patel said:

    So after getting this program associate degree, would I be able to find job ?? Or it has to be becholer degree?? If so would kind of jobs I could get??

    November 15, 2013
  3. Bucks County Community College said:

    Occupational major (63 credits):  A graduate of the program can expect to find entry-level employment as an industrial or academic biotechnology technician.  See for more info .

    Certificate (16 credits): Students completing the certificate will be prepared for employment as skilled technicians in biotechnology, biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical, and academic laboratories. See for more info.

    November 15, 2013

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