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big data isn't just about numbers biomedical informatics researchers in Cincinnati are crunching data because we want to make a difference in people's lives whether it's improving treatments through personalized medicine or answering basic questions about biology we are creating the future of Medicine I've really been interested in problems that I haven't been able to figure out ever since I was a little kid and then I have a personal motivation as well so I have two children and they have complex disorders and as I've pursued my career I've seen as a parent the impact that biomedical research and especially informatics can potentially have on their well-being our work is complex spanning the domains of bioinformatics genomics systems biology biostatistics big data and healthcare analytics but our goal is simple we want to save lives my inventions my tools that have been marginalized save lives or impact the health of kids that we treat so for me saving lives saving kids lives is what makes me feel good we're driven to come up with bigger ideas and more answers as we look into the next generation of big data and some of the desires to do genetic smart medicine we are going to be able to have the ability to do that send data back and forth and to query different locations much much faster than we ever could before I may spend a lot of time behind a computer screen but I also spend a lot of time communicating what I find with physicians that are actually connecting with these people in order to personalize care you really need to have a good sense of of the patient and the data that's available on them by having more information we can really expect to tailor therapies start to look at subpopulations and really figure out what works best for patients with specific characteristics somebody once told me that if you decide to be clinician you're gonna save people's lives it's inevitable you know but if you're working as a basic researcher you're working in science will move from the actual patients you have maybe a one in a thousand or one in a million chance of saving not one person but thousands of people that goal is what I think that remains for a lot of us how can we discover causes and cures for disease we like to say that we tackle the impossible every day that's what biomedical informatics is all about learn more it's Cincinnati Children's org slash BMI

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