Biomedical Informatics Program at Nova Southeastern University

would you love to work in health care are you interested in information technology then consider a career in biomedical informatics biomedical informatics is the field concerned with the management and use of information in healthcare biomedical informatics includes bioinformatics at the molecular level medical informatics at the individual patient level and public health informatics at the population level average salaries for health information technology professionals range from eighty six thousand dollars your staff to one hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars for executive management ninety seven percent of healthcare CIOs report open H IT staff positions the biomedical informatics program in n s used College of Osteopathic Medicine offers graduate level degrees and certificates to help you meet your career goals if you have a bachelor's degree in biology computer science business education or just about anything else you're eligible for our program who are our students they are full-time students doctors pharmacists nurses other health care professionals IT professionals business and management professionals and educators wondering where our graduates work here are some examples contact us now for more information and to start your application

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