Big Data Analytics on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

you can turn data into an innovation engine and Amazon Web Services can get you there making sense of increasingly growing numbers of data sources and new devices connected to your business customers and employees makes big data a priority for companies like yours every day by accessing Amazon scalable data services companies have the velocity to stay ahead of new data demand up to 400 times faster than on-premises solutions all the way from a few terabytes to exabyte with data Lakes implemented on AWS information from vastly different sources can be made readily accessible in native formats keeping your data ready for analysis your data arrives continuously millions or billions of events at a time and you need to gain insights from this constant stream of data in real-time continuously collecting and analyzing AWS makes it easy with a complete set of managed services you can take data experiments from concept to production in less than 24 hours or choose from popular open source alternatives such as Apache spark Kafka or storms with powerful real-time analysis and high 2-foot rates you can stay one step ahead with predictive analytics airlines use predictive analytics on AWS to optimize maintenance replacing airplane parts before they fail and predictive analytics can help customers discover valuable information and engage with your business critical risks threat analyses happen in weeks not months and data warehouse queries happen in seconds not hours stain one step ahead of the competition with real-time business insight build big data applications innovate like never before reduce costs and capitalize on big data with AWS

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