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you're still watching ANC alerts now this year's big data analytics conference is set to be held on November 15 that the and our oncologist in Taguig City the discussions will tackle how data analytics can help organizations harness their data usage identify new opportunities make smarter business moves and maintain happier clinic clients and to tell us more about the event we joined in the studio by data seer principal ISAT Reyes who will be the keynote speaker of the conference sai sac welcome to Manila and welcome to 80 alerts it's good to be here boy ed okay okay let's start let's start the ball rolling by giving us a very brief explanation of what is data analytics and how important is this okay businesses today have a lot of data what analytics is about is about taking that data and mining it in the same way that you would go underground mining for gold we can mine business data for insights now a lot of those insights are not useful but some of them are and we can revel revolutionize the way we do business and target customers and refine production processes using data and insights ok for a lot of people that do this is there such a thing as too much information because in a world now where the information is everywhere yes is there such a thing as getting overloaded with too much information yes of the total amount of information that's out there not all of it is going to be usable and that's where data scientists and analytics professionals come in because they go into a business and say look there's terabytes or even petabytes of data let's narrow that down there's there's many variables it's high volume let's narrow the dimensionality down into just a few key measures and metrics that have all of the business value so for certain business genres you or a lot of companies a lot of data analytic companies actually segregate and and mined them for these companies that eventually give information that they need but for 4 P who are just randomly trying to get sourcing out information how much of an effort is done it's a it's a big effort right so there's a few different stages and the first stage is to take unstructured data and refine it into something that's usable and that can take a really long time and it takes experts so you go in and you refine it down into a useful data set and then the key is to turn it into visualizations and metrics that the business can understand without all of the nerdy data science speak on top of it okay for the Philippines settings with the Philippine good setting the data analytics have become more important than ever a lot of new businesses are being put up a lot of new players are starting their businesses excited to get involved in a lot of a lot of things how big is that market for data analytics yeah in the Philippines it's not a large market so historically developing countries have played in the analytics space if we look at India offshoring analytics is a really large industry in the Philippines not so much we're known as the you know the voice capital of the world but when it comes to offshoring services like analytics not a lot of it and there hasn't been a lot of analytics consulting done here on the ground either but it's also starting to change just this year and this is why I'm so excited about this conference because the conference that you're mentioning before the partnership with endo run and global Chambertin this conference really signals the first year that the analytics industry in the Philippines is getting together and and is consolidating so which means that this conference happening at being held in Manila correct is a sign or maybe a sort of a kickoff that instills the Philippines is actually getting on board how the rest of the world is starting to behave as far as data analytics is concerned absolutely yes so the analytics industries around the world in each country have their own professional society they have annual conferences in big data and then a separate conference in analytic so this is a great sign that the Philippines is finally the professionals in analytics and data science are finally organizing themselves and it's looking to be a really good conference know for somebody who wants to get into a career in data analytics what should the person possess okay that's a really good question data science and analytics it's a mix of Statistics and math skills yeah so you got to be good at the statistics in math and in the Philippines there's a lot of really great statistics physics and math graduates who really have the quantitative skills but it's not enough just to have those skills you also need to be able to translate those skills into the business so you need to be able to apply mathematics and statistics across the top of business data package that up in into insights and visualizations and then be able to talk back to the business and it's very rare to find people that have those two sides both the mathematics and statistics and also the being able to communicate to the business you know for a lot of people who are in business right now obviously there are the the newbies the young entrepreneurs the more established intrapreneurs but who are more but what I'm trying to say here is who wants to pursue more of this well this need what does need them wrapping that really wants to get their hands on this you know there's really no set demographic Boyett there's really people who are experienced businesspeople who have gone to the point in their careers where they're sick of office politics and they just want to you know use data to to make decisions because if you're making decisions without data you're really just another person with an opinion whereas if you have the data you're really using the scientific method to say this is the direction we should go so we're seeing experienced professionals data seer the company I run we do trainings and we see representation by people who are experienced professionals we also see fresh graduates who want to go down data science as a career path and mid-level professionals as well so we're really seeing a cross-section of interest well the Philippines now is being touted as the one of the next big things as far as business is concerned do you agree with this with this opinion absolutely I see really really good talent coming out of the university system with the advent of the BPO industry we're seeing more and more professionals who are getting exposure to best practices in terms of data analytics they're getting exposure to best practices from markets like the US and Australia and the UK so even though the analytics mature industry is immature here we're seeing more and more professionals get exposure to the best practices from overseas so I can only speak to the analytics industry when in this particular industry yes we are seeing that the quality of the work coming out of the Philippines is very very high and it's that's I'm really excited about that is that also the reason why a lot of BPOs look at the Philippines as one of the best places to put one in considering that the successes of a lot of V POS from overseas that have put up offices here in the country is it also because of the data analytics that did receive with the success rate of their businesses yeah I'm not sure whether that would have been a valid factor I think the majority of BPOs go here just because the English skills are really better than what they get in other markets and the cost structures make sense but I know of one particular BPO well shared service center so QBE in the fort they have over 3,000 staff here in the Philippines and analytics was one of the big draw cards for them knowing that they could set up quite a large analytics office here and have really great English speaking only a two hour time difference from Australia all of those things factored into their decision – yeah put their overall operation here well you being the keynote speaker for this particular big data analytics conference what briefly will you be important yeah so I'm gonna be talking about big data and analytics so I'm trying to cover it all in one talk but I'll be talking about both of those and I'll be in a way sending out a warning sign to businesses here that we're getting to the point in 2016 where you can't ignoring analytics and big data where the businesses like it or not more and more data is out there on your customers and on your suppliers and if you are not linking this data and mining this data then your competitors are and so I'm going to talk about some case studies for example borders books and Amazon borders used to be the biggest bookstore on the face of the planet and they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy like six or seven years ago and it's because they just didn't digitize and they didn't use data whereas Amazon every time you log into Amazon you get recommended a raft of yeah you know books and products that are and all of those recommendations are purely based on data so I'll be talking about things like that that sounds to be even for myself I find that very interesting already okay well my sec thank you very much for joining us this afternoon and good luck thank you very much thank you and those were the latest news alerts for this hour I'm boy at season and be outlined in a person de pj mulatto paulo he and still learns on twitter and like our Facebook page ANC 24/7 stay tuned top story is next

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