Better Data Analytics for Smart Factories and Industry 4.0

if you have multiple test stations sites and suppliers then you've got huge amounts of data coming at you in different formats around the clock and even from around the world how do you make sense of it all how can you get ultimate visibility on the production floor collagen analytics is the answer for more than a decade project has helped leading OEMs streamline their processes boost product quality and make better business decisions so how does Paulo Junt work it starts by centralizing your test results data from any number of locations next your results are consolidated in a data warehouse and cross-linked with key product information like supplier component specs and returns data then pro Legends unique OLAP cube technology transforms it letting your slice and dice to select any data you want giving you a rich 360-degree view of your product testing and supply chain with personalized web based dashboards you have access to more than 50 standard reports for yield production CPK analysis fail and repair and more by clicking on any element you can quickly drill down to investigate and resolve problems with the terrible dashboards and reports ProLiant gives your engineering manufacturing and quality teams the ultimate tool for collaboration and decision making just one more reason why pro legend is helping organizations like yours harmonize the production line with the bottom line you

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