Berlin Innovation Conference | TRIZ Future 2015 – by Tom Spike

that's little common to earth long they have instant incontinence their patient risk a mineshaft in belly the motorist is usually know the creating value for the customers and society and have succeed in this goal because they have now more than attend presentations twists in the early stage of the innovation process or the front-end innovation that creativity is a dialogue between fantasy and their reality and in order for a dialogue to happen you really need the common language that language Italian have introduced the PSI framework which from our experience is quite comprehensive they will be able to advance such a dialogue and therefore contribute to more creative solutions they have the opportunity to present how BT is faced and strategic decisions using tricks our biggest challenge is to transform us into an innovation machine based on the feedback from the conference today it is clear we are not the only ones on that path so I'm reassured we're on the right track to where we want to go I am pleased to see many successful companies working with methods of structured innovation many stories tell about successful implementation of trees and it has been proven at this conference that successful innovation is rarely achieved by an only thinker in a garage or a single player in the market future innovation evolves from collaboration in the industry and across industries the system of trees is is so wonderful because you could use it for every question you have it's my entire professional life I'm teaching trees I'm delivering three services when I was 17 I was going in a tram right and looking around looked at the people they looked gray and he said oh my god I don't want to have life like this I want to have life and I want to have my hope in my life and when I was a great student I get to know trace and my first impression was that should be my hobby and then one year later I decided this should in my life and actually that it is it is my life so I'm not joking now it is true trace means everlasting love thank you thank you as if MIT name is thus film a film at NASA gang high trees inventing the noggins earthbound of life is organism does naturally stirs potency and a few fuses with lava diesels behind conference obviously a feel attracted by feeler synchrony it's been a very intensive track and I go home with a suitcase full of new new ideas and new things to do I'm excited to start it's good to you know talk with people in a different environment like we have here we can talk each other about inventions about trees about development of this methodology and when you can see examples like we can see here in this building and it inspires us the beaver is really engaged with the topic you can see they are passionate I cut a lot of information about trees and how to apply it and now I'm I am more confident I can apply it also in the company where I'm working but I believe is that this interest has to be transformed into real success stories in fact that I believe to use needs new additional tools every time when it is not very good business evolution it's a better scientific evolution and now I believe in this 10 year is prepared good material for future jumped from scientific point of view that is growing scientifically next step again economically the concert in Berlin is a great event as I feel it is one of the best conference since 15 years we have about 150 participants usually 100 to 120 secondly we have a lot of very interesting new presentations we never had before we have a very different age of our participants from the really well-known specialist on the field of systematic innovation from the USA mr. Slaton and mr. zika force and the youngest participant the small 11 or 7 month old so it's a great event of all in this case I really enjoy the atmosphere and exchange with many curious and open-minded people and we all share a common goal to create positive future on behalf of come spiky big thank you to our partners and contribute who made this event possible I'm really looking forward to the next tryst future conference in 2016 in Rostov Poland and to meet all those people again and to see what they have achieved with Cris during the next year you

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