Bendix Mechatronic Valves

hi I'm Jacob Bendix and today I'm going to be talking about some of Bendix is mechatronic valves first valve I'm gonna discuss today is going to be our ATR six traction relay valve the EGR six tracks your melee valve has a single traction solenoid here on top what this traction solenoid does is it gives us the ability to autonomously apply the brakes completely independent of the driver we use this functionality in our electronic stability program intervention events what this song can do is take supply pressure directly from our supply line here and divert that supply pressure to the control port on top of the relay and therefore applying control pressure to the top of the piston as I said this will give us the ability to autonomously apply the brakes however one limitation of the system is that we are either on or off that is either a full pressure application or it is no application then moving further down the stream we passed through our m40 modulator x' these modulator x' main function is for ABS events however they can also be used in conjunction with the ESP system to give us independent control over individual Wieland's the modulator x' themselves have two solenoids the first is a hold the second is a release using those two solids that can allow us to hold pressure in a wheeling hold pressure off of the wheel and or exhaust pressure that's in the wheel end and with those three functions that gives us the ability to have very good control over the end realize the first demo I'm going to do here is the attraction enable song you'll see that when I energize the traction they will saw on we will get full pressure in our control line and we will have full system pressure delivered to our wheel end this would be the first step in an ESP intervention event now when we add in the added functionality of our modulator the first thing I'm going to show you is how a modulator can actually pull this pressure off of our Whelan or a sense shut off the wheel and allow no air to travel to it to do this I'm going to energize the whole solenoid in the modulator and then when I enable the traction solenoid you will see that we will have full pressure at our lower wheel end but our upper wheel and held off by this modulator will remain on energized then in addition if I was to remove the energy from the whole solenoid at this point in time full system pressure would be allowed to travel to our upper wheel and as well now with our brakes fully applied the wheels may lock out so the next step that we want to take in this process is the EBS that I spoke about a little earlier what these modulator can do if we energize both the hold and release solenoids at the same time we can release all of the air out of the wheel end thus releasing the brakes and allowing the wheel to begin free spinning again and once the wheel is free spinning will reapply the brakes and repeating this process over and over is what is typically known as ABS so we're going to energize the whole solenoid and then the release then when I release both signs we have full pressure again if I repeat this action rather rapidly it will resemble ABS as you might and that's about a little bit about vendek's mechatronic valves thank you for watching

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