Behind the headlines: Trade, technology and jobs

economic progress requires adjustment the speed of transformation of our economies that is going so fast this is our opportunity to look behind the headlines and get into the heart of the issues at hand when you have technological change you have globalization you have lots of more interaction between countries you also require adjustment if you combine the whole thing international trade cheaper ways of transporting artificial intelligence 3d printing that is going so fast I'm afraid that the speed of transformation at this accelerated pace is going to outpace the speed and the ability of adjusting particularly for those who have not prepared for it machines are beginning to take over much more routine work and let's face it most people nowadays do routine work and that I believe is what worries people populist politicians are able to make careers by getting people to overlook this and say no it's not the machines it's the foreigners that are doing it and that is today's grand misunderstanding manufacturing around the world is being automated that is a growth pattern which will tend to lead in in my view to distributed manufacturing so if everybody's making everything with robots there's no reason to concentrate in one country or another you just make everything locally and avoid the transportation skills of people they grow slowly 2% a year that is the maximum of our capacity but machine skills they grow at Moore's law double every two years and now we are reaching the crossover point and once machines have crossed over they will leave us in the dust and so we have got to prepare now for the time when machines take over many of our cognitive tasks because once they've done so it's game over you

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