Be excellent in Research and Innovation Project Management!_Free online course Excellence-in-ReSTI

Hello everyone. Are you interested in research
and social and technological innovation? Would you like to improve
your project management skills? Do you prefer to study at your own pace? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! Let me offer you a free online
learning program Excellence in ReSTI. What exactly does ReSTI stand for? Research social and technological
innovation project management which is exactly what this program can teach you. Where do you find it? Type in the address
bar of your web browser. Welcome to ReSTI Academy! It is the gateway to the program. You can read
about its structure and watch a video about the innovative learning method
used in the program called 5 door approach. To go to the learning platform click ENTER.
So now you are in MOOC as a guest. To be able to actually take the
courses you need to log in. Use your Google account. In case you don’t have
one, create a new account here. Just follow the steps. You will receive a
confirmation email to your mailbox. Confirm it by clicking the link inside. Now you are back in MOOC and registered. Agree with site policy. You can read more about
the program and its requirements. The topics are gathered in five modules
ranging from European policies to innovation in the business context.
Choose a course you find interesting, read the description, watch the video and
if you want to start learning, open the course. Great, you are now enrolled in the course. Behind each door you will find learning materials and activities
related to the course topic. The only compulsory door is the
assessment. A multiple-choice test, which you have to
pass to successfully finish the course. As you can see the test has time limit. Here you can see your results. You can continue with any other course you like. The process is the same. I hope you are now familiar with the
Excellence in ReSTI learning environment. Thank you for your attention and good luck!

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