Barrister Babu – 24th February 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

Sir… Sir! Where did my husband go
leaving me here? I didn’t even do anything. How do I step out of this car? I don’t even know how
to open its doors. How is it so bright in the night? It’s so bright around here… …it feels like hundreds
of lamps are lit at once. ‘Your husband to-be owns… …a huge sweet shop.’ ‘Oh, dear!’ ‘He has a huge home!’ ‘How would you like a bunch
of keys in your hands?’ So this is my husband’s… …huge home. I will have fun
playing around here. I’ll eat raw mangoes! What did you say before leaving? You will never let any
harm come to our… …honor and reputation. But what did you do? You’ve dragged our name… …through the mud. You’ve ruined our reputation. You have caused a
great disgrace to us. If you want to do charity work… …do as much as you want to. Do alms-deed if you want to. But you… …have made a deal of… …the honor of Roy Chaudharys. Did you forget? Or did you… …make up your mind… …to ruin the
prestige of our family? How could you marry… …a girl about whom… …you know nothing? How could you marry her, Anirudh? Do you think we will
allow any random girl… …to enter this house… …if you marry her? Never! Does she have wealth… …land or any property? Do you have any idea about her… …caste and clan? Does she have the status… …to even stand next to us? Did you think what people will say? I won’t let that random girl to
even cross my house’s doorstep. Would you care to
speak up or stay mum? Why don’t you speak?
– Because he is dumb. He can’t speak. Hence, he didn’t answer me either. I asked him whether
he is my husband… …during ‘Shubho Drishti’. I forgot that I’m married! Mom said… …that I must not
enter my in-laws’… …house without ‘Graha Pravesh’. But I’m so foolish!
I have entered the house. ‘Our wedding will happen
at the same time.’ ‘This wicked girl must
perform the ‘Sati’ ritual. You came so early? The palanquin was supposed to
arrive in the morning, right? Is everything alright?
– Let’s go inside. We have to make the arrangements
for ‘Bodhu Boron’ custom. Yes. Saurav. Sampoorna. Stay here. I will bring ‘Bodhu
Boron’ plate right now. Hail Goddess Durga! Viraj, prepare the
veneration plate. I made a mistake. You may pull my braid
as a punishment. Oh, I forgot. A bride’s hair isn’t braided. Is it enough if I hold my ears? The wedding attire is so heavy… …that I can’t do sit-ups… …in this attire. As I’m out of the house… …you can complete the
‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual. I’m a newly-wed bride after all. I know he can’t speak but… …is everyone else deaf? Hey, you. There’s nobody deaf and speechless. Oh, Goddess Durga, you helped me. It would have been difficult
for me to converse. Who would listen to me? Anyway, I don’t speak much. Will you perform… …the ‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual
if I stay quiet? I will remain silent now. I swear. But hurry up… …as I have left
my belongings there. I was unable to get it here. Do you know what it contains?
My doll. She is dressed
as a bride just like me. The way you got me here… …what if somebody
else takes her away? Bihari. Take her to the study room. Oh, Goddess Durga. He can speak. Will you not perform the
‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual? My mom said she will come… …after all the
rituals are performed. She won’t come,
if the rituals are not performed. Please come with me now. We would call your mom later. Do you swear?
– I swear. Even without the
‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual? Come in. Yes, tell me. Something is bothering me. What? Why are you scared? I’m worried about Bondita. I hope she doesn’t
fall prey to ‘Sati’. You have an entire
lifetime to talk. Shall we complete the ritual first? Come.
Let’s perform the other rituals. Wait. Bride, walk on this white
sheet and enter this house. ‘Who is this?
Where is Saurav’s mom?’ ‘Bondita will have to… …go to heaven
with her husband.’ ‘Bondita will follow the ritual.’ I made a mistake. The water was cold. I won’t repeat the mistake. In order to perform
this ritual again… …should we remarry you? She seems very sensitive. Couldn’t you tolerate
cold water for once? Can you tolerate heat that’s
generated while cooking? Don’t be scared. So what if this ritual
wasn’t performed? There are many more rituals. Prove them that… …you are capable. Come in. Careful. New bride, it is expensive. Hey! New bride, don’t touch it. You will break it, new bride. Careful. New bride! You look so close.
– Yes. Now you’re far. I will lose my job now, new bride. Please keep it down. No! ‘What I want to say to you… …and what you want
to hear from me… …tonight will be… …the stand witness to it.’ Will you simply stand still,
or will you say something? What should we do with her? You cannot marry any random girl… …and make her a
part of our family. Did you hear what I said? Anirudh, where are you heading? I’m talking to you! Anirudh, Saudamini! You always address her
as ‘sister-in-law’. Why did you address
her by name today? He was to profess his
love for her today. I just want Anirudh
to meet Saudamini. Perhaps everything
will be fine then. Fine. Perhaps after meeting Saudamini… …he will realize
about the kind… …of daughter-in-law
Roy Chaudhary family wants. Perhaps then he will throw
this girl out of the house. After meeting Saudamini,
Anirudh will… …know who he should
spend his future with. Is it with beautiful and… …well mannered
Saudamini or with… …that destitute girl. I am sure… …that Anirudh will
set everything right… …by accepting Saudamini. ‘Tonight will stand… …witness to what… …I wish to say today… …and what you wish… …to hear from me.’ ‘I waited a lot to
hear this, Anirudh.’ ‘If you make me wait today… …then I will be heart-broken.’


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