Bad News Iran is Using Western Drone Technology Against America

I ran shot down our cube for a Global Hawk drone last week several years ago in 2011 demonstrated its evolving capabilities at drone interception when it captured rq-170 Sentinel stealth drone – down the hall Koran claimed to use the recorded surface-to-air missile system prior to that Iran's supposedly jammed the communication links of the rq-170 Sentinel stealth drone taking control of the drone inside Iranian territory later reverse engineering it to produce the che 171 in Sica drones so on top of drone capabilities Iran has some counter drone capabilities that is the ability to detect identify track and our control and manned aircraft it also boasts powerful cyberattack capabilities that can be used to control enemy drones efforts should now focus on preventing Iran from enhancing these capabilities by countering its attempts to obtain Western counter drone technology for years Iran has been successful in smuggling drone parts in spite of international sanctions and now it's smuggling efforts have moved in to counter drone markets these markets inclusive of North America Europe the Asia Pacific in Latin America are expected to reach a value of two point nine three billion u.s. dollars by 2025 iran's neighboring states are also looking to acquire counter drone capabilities turkey has at least three known products on the market and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are looking to step in due to their geographical proximity to Iran these countries unwantedly risk operating as transshipment hubs and staging grounds for iranian front companies and smuggling networks seeking to get their hands on Western counter drone technology there is also the risk of Iran obtaining counter drone technology through China who is said to pursue a no-questions-asked policy regarding the exports of drones to the Middle East the Center for the study of drones and Bard College reported that China had eight counter drone products on the market the risk being that China based procurement agents with profiteering intentions and lacks regulatory environments seek to sell such strategic goods to Iran take the case of Emily Lee Yoo who sought to procure electronic components from the United States on behalf of Iran Shiraz electronic industries which is responsible for producing radars avionics and control systems are all relevant components for the production of UAVs encounter UAVs

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  1. Mr Reza said:

    Iran doesn't need to build any new drones because they can just hack and controll US drone

    June 30, 2019

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