Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics at ANU

who you are why kid did you ask questions that you constantly wanted to know answers to wanting to solve some of the world's toughest questions then this degree is for you it's The Bachelor of Applied data analytics IVA loses Allen I'm a demographer at the Australian National University what's so great about The Bachelor of Applied data analytics is it's interdisciplinary mix of computing statistics and social sciences it's the type of degree that will future-proof your career after completing your degree you can expect some exciting career pathways you might choose to be a tech entrepreneur a data scientist a policy analyst a data engineer there is a global shortage of people who are skilled in data analytics so if you are one of those kids that constantly asked their parents why you are inquisitive by nature and you have drive to understand the world if you're one of those people why not join me to undertake the brand new and exciting Bachelor of applied data analytics come and join us at the Australian National University

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