Autoscribe Informatics at Pittcon2017

hello I'll describe informatics here at Pitkin in 2017 Auto scribes matrix Gemini is the most adaptable Lim's on the market today we know there's no such thing as a one design fits all limb and so we want you to be able to experience the power of true configuration that matrix delivers Auto scribe provides all the benefits of a customized limb experience without the drawbacks of custom code we use our configuration tools to uniquely design each system to the customer's requirement and that doesn't interfere with their upgrade path and it's more than just changing a few user-defined fields and a few labels or flipping switches it's actually designing each screen around your needs so that the different types of controls you need the way data flows through the system what's required what isn't what each kind of user sees for each workflow that we want it to be that full user experience but the way that we develop our system means that we're able to support across a wide variety of industries without that complication of custom code being developed in boxing people in we don't want you to be boxed in by a limb that claims to meet all of your needs that's why we use those configuration tools as we develop our software over time or development teams always coming out with a new release about once a quarter with new features and and the fixes for those occasional bugs that come up some of the new features that have come out just recently is we have a new field analytics system a mobile app for people to have samples downloaded from the main system and then they can go out into the field and enter results against those feel like taking pH or some other field that they're doing before the sample comes into the lab and we also have a new web portal so that laboratories can give their customers access without making use of the Lim's license and be able to see those results lots of other new things and exciting things going on on describe as one of the rising and organization's really growing our company and because we want you to be part of that family but you didn't know what it's like to be part of our user community when your system is in production and when you need it you can get immediate help by calling our support then you're going to have that live person and the best new features have often come from feedback from our user community thanks for listening and you don't have to just take our word for it ask our customers thank you

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