Australia's economy needs big investment in innovation, experts say


  1. tiffsaver said:

    What do the "experts" advise for the USA, Europe, and China?? Love to hear your next stupid "growth plan."

    May 23, 2019
  2. Shirley McFarlane said:

    Bear in mind that today’s automobiles look nothing like the very first ones which have progressively evolved from the days of horse drawn carriages of Henry Ford’s times. Bear in mind also that the wheel had been INVENTED long before the wheels fitted to Ancient Rome’s chariots, as are depicted in the movie Ben-Hur. So, it can be said that the carbon-fibre wheel is not an INVENTION per say, but simply an INNOVATION as a departure from steel and alloy wheels. People who are passionate about yachting will tell you that carbon-fibre masts, booms and spars (as fitted to modern day yachts) already existed for quite a few years prior to 1984. Here are SOME innovations which had been based on the detailed blueprints of one brilliant Australian INNOVATOR.

    (1) Conventional sweeping brooms – have evolved into – Pressure air flow Blowers [similar to (large) hair dryers.]

    (2) Conventional sickles – have evolved into – Whipper-Snippers/Lawn Trimmers.

    (3) Conventional Hammers – have evolved into – Nail driven compressed-air guns.

    (4) Conventional toothbrushes – have evolved into – battery operated electric toothbrushes.

    (5) Conventional dog leashes – have evolved into – extendable/retractable dog leashes.

    (6) Garden grown tomatoes – have evolved into – Hydroponics’ tomatoes, free from insect bites & other blemishes.

    (7) Basic rejuvenating creams – have evolved into – Aloe-Vera based creams which temporarily erase wrinkles by making aged skin taut and firm again.

    (8) TV infra-red remote controls – have evolved into – Automobiles’ wi-fi remote controls for key-less entry.

    (9) Sat-Navs used for yachts & ships navigation – have evolved into – Automobiles’ Sat-Navs interfaced with street directories.

    (10) Vintage teleprinters / telex machines – have involved into – Computers connected to the Internet.

    (11) Rough idling 2-Valves per cylinder conventional internal combustion engines – have evolved into – 4-Valves per cylinder Double Overhead Cam/Variable Valve Timing internal combustion engines.

    (12) Energy inefficient air conditioners – have evolved into – outside air aspirated through water soaked felt pads into houses/buildings by means of an electrical fan mounted in a box installed on the roof of houses.

    (13) Conventional production/distribution of electricity – has evolved into – electricity production/distribution supplemented by solar panels mounted on the roof of houses.

    May 23, 2019

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