Auro-3D, Barco’s 3D sound technology for the digital cinema industry

Ladies & Gentlemen
may i have your attention please You are about to experience now
in this theatre the future of sound based on a revolutionary
new system called Auro-3D This is a three-dimensional audio technology
that is changing the landscape of the cinematic experience Auro-3D features sound reproduction that is
more realistic than anything youve heard before It draws you into the action on-screen
fully immersing you in a spectrum of lifelike sound Natural acoustic reflections affect you as
they do in real life originating not only from around
But also above you Spatial sound can be divided into 3 different
layers Sounds coming from the horizontal plane around
us Above this is a second layer that reveals
both direct sounds and height reflections These reflections are important for our brains
to better understand the sounds originating in the first layer And the third layer revealing sounds that
come from directly above us This reproduction channel is also known as
the “Voice of God”-channel Auro-3D achieved a reproduction system that
uses these three layers to recreate the most efficient three-dimensional sound format with
the minimum number of speakers Welcome to Auro-3D Consider the beginnings of cinematic sound Early films were presented in mono At first
cinema audio was restricted to voices and simple sound effects coming from the center
of the screen much like the voice track you are hearing now The introduction of Stereo Sound made it possible
to produce sounds traveling between the left and right sides of the screen
from the left to the center to the right People believe that Stereo is two-dimensional
sound but it in actuality it is one-dimensional sound This is because all audio originates from
a SINGLE line or horizontal axis located in front of the audience Surround sound adds a second dimension by
placing speakers on the y-axis around the length of the auditorium It is an arrangement that creates a single
auditory plane around the listener Both 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound are actually
TWO dimensional sound formats and not 3 dimensional as commonly believed Of course
this 2D sound gives the audience the feeling that they are closer to the action The problem is that 2D sound doesn’t quite
feel natural To fully realize Sound in 3D
we include the missing dimension Height Auro-3D incorporates Height Channels as well
as a top channel above the audience to truly deliver a authentic three-dimensional sound
experience It is based on a groundbreaking new technology
that delivers with the magic of uncompressed audio quality on all 3 layers and with 12
independent channels Now you can clearly hear sounds coming from
both around and ABOVE the audience Wow! Did you hear that? The reflections created
by the exclusive height channels make things sound pretty real
Don’t they? This is where much of Auro-3Ds magic lies Ceiling speakers alone are not enough to get
a true three-dimensional audio effect The Surround channel – with height speakers
and ceiling speakers – allow for the creation of a more natural reproduction of Sound in Space This results in a totally new cinema experience
that is easily built on a theaters existing 5.1 Surround system With the simple addition of speakers on the
height channels these three-dimensional sounds are much more
easily achieved Here are some examples of Auro-3D in action By making use of the height channels
Auro-3D delivers surprisingly real audio effects But Auro-3D also features an important third
layer above the audience Sometimes we call that the Voice of God channel
which allows the reproduction of sounds coming from directly the listener Here are two examples of recordings made at
an airport Experience how capable the Auro-3D system
is at reproducing the exact position of an airplane as it passes by – from taking off
to flying directly overhead and finally disappearing above and behind you In this next demo
helicopters will slowly creep up from the back of the theater Close your eyes and feel them fly overhead Without Back Height Surround speakers
it is impossible to reproduce natural fly-over effects Auro-3D makes cinema feel like youre really
there participating in the action From subtle nature environments to music and
the rumblings of our mechanized world the emotional impact provided by height information
can now unfold around you Previously unattainable levels of cinematic
immersion are now possible The natural effect of three-dimensional sound
has the power to captivate audiences like never before Together with Barco
Auro Technologies brings you the cinema sound of the future


  1. barcoTV said:

    First of all, thanks for your feedback and questions.
    In nature, most sounds coming from below are reflected on the ground surface. Only a few (e.g. falling rain) are actually generated on ground level. Auro-3D processing takes these height reflections into account (both upper and lower) to enhance the natural sound experience
    The reason that we cannot simply put speakers at the feet level of the screen is mostly due to interference from the seating area and the audience.

    December 21, 2011
  2. barcoTV said:

    On the low speaker count: note that the 11.1 channel count is the minimal you need to do sound in 3D, yet enough. What we are doing is duplicating 5.1 with a height layer and adding a voice-of-god channel. This is everything you need to do sound in 3D.

    December 21, 2011
  3. barcoTV said:

    The reason we don’t do more than 11.1 is to maintain technical and commercial feasibility: Auro-3D is the only format that is compatible with standard DCP mixing and distribution. No special packages need to be made and worked with, which is impossible when adding more channels. It also makes it a viable technology for theater owners within a realistic budget.

    December 21, 2011
  4. Min Xiao said:

    A sound seems from far away place …

    December 21, 2011
  5. TMPLE MEDIA said:

    headphones and subwoofer always be the best reality sound effect!!!

    April 28, 2012
  6. miceblue425 said:

    While this effect sounds pretty good, it doesn't sound much different than a binaural recording. I've listened to binaural recordings that deliver both depth and height. For a cinema industry though, these speakers would be absolutely fantastic!

    May 13, 2012
  7. MrWar120 said:

    rlly the god somthing

    May 30, 2012
  8. Suzukisenpai said:

    Amazing airplane!! Creepy cool! More better than ordinary binaural recordings (I use an Senn`s HD 598 headphones). Very very cool.
    In this case, we simply dn`t hear the boundaries between the mics, the sound of Auro-3D is very smooth and precise. The binaural recordings` boundaries are clearly defined. I can identify the exact location of the mics.

    June 6, 2012
  9. James Parnell said:

    Why do you use a single mono channel for the ovhd? Wouldn't a stereo pair give you a more accurate representation of the atmosphere around you? It would allow you to pan movement in the v.o.g. channel.

    July 13, 2012
  10. timiniho said:

    swear he said oral 3d..

    August 6, 2012
  11. andickish said:


    September 18, 2012
  12. Shanth4u said:

    Viswaroopam will be the first Indian film use Auro 3D technology ,, Kudos to Mr. Kamalhasan.

    September 20, 2012
  13. 123asd said:

    Great technology. However, I would like to call out that everyone who was impressed by the audio in this presentation need to understand that most likely they have heard this in stereo on their computers or televisions. This clearly showcases the need for good quality production – both visual and audio. Filmmakers need to make sure that they are using the available technology 5.1/7.1 properly before jumping at these new technologies. Otherwise, there is not much for the audience in it.

    September 22, 2012
  14. Godfrikinzilla said:

    So, is this the main competition for Dolby Atmos?

    November 19, 2012
  15. farook abdulla abdul jabbar said:

    sathiyam introduce a auro 3D system its awesome…..

    December 8, 2012
  16. Anoop Chakravarthy said:

    VISWAROOPAM…india's first auro 3d…

    December 11, 2012
  17. Kamalesh Bala said:

    awesome 🙂

    January 18, 2013
  18. VIMALARANJAN said:

    VISWAROOPAM TAMIL MOVIE, World's 3rd Movie with Auro-3D Technology..

    January 21, 2013
  19. Shoaib Javed said:

    Is it ok if I dont close my eyes at 4:52?

    February 1, 2013
  20. Madan Thapa said:

    awesome guyzz..!!

    February 7, 2013
  21. GamingHellBlazer said:

    We can't experience this as youtube only supports 3.1

    February 21, 2013
  22. Ammon S. said:

    Lol… My dad works at barco … 😀 Nice

    March 5, 2013
  23. cristian2452 said:

    8k + 4D + this = FUKING AMAZING CINEMA

    March 25, 2013
  24. Brian Williamson said:

    Great, now we will really be vulnerable in movie theaters. Thanks for helping to brainwash a population

    April 10, 2013
  25. Niligiristudios Raj said:

    Barco..U r moving ahead with ur technology in film projection and sound…I need to know Whether an additional processor is required to convert the DTS format or 7.1 to auro 3D or additional audio coding and decoding format/ technique is followed in post production?

    April 29, 2013
  26. jrhager84 said:

    Uploads video touting 3d sound. Uploaded in compressed, stereo format. Brilliant.

    July 20, 2013
  27. Linuxdirk said:

    Good job, but as long as video is in front of you, audio from any other location than in front of you just feels wrong 🙂

    July 25, 2013
  28. D'whitechaos sosa said:

    oooooh i want go to see a movie with 3d sound

    August 2, 2013
  29. NeATaNDtURdy said:

    Bose would be broke

    August 2, 2013
  30. Milton said:

    Why don't they make music like this

    August 5, 2013
  31. Abhishek V. Pai said:

    WoWW…saw a muvi in AURO 3D..spectacular sound effects….
    will any1 tell me wat symphony is played in the advertisement..u knw showing the whole orchestra and all..I wld luv to knw..

    August 9, 2013
  32. Asagiri said:

    ok, great! But I don't understand =w= haizz

    September 8, 2013
  33. Zin ZL said:

    maybe in future

    September 23, 2013
  34. Audiowithalex said:

    but… Dolby atmos.. its better..

    September 27, 2013
  35. KZ Official said:


    November 4, 2013
  36. Leave The World Behind said:

    Why are you showing examples on youtube, were you only can hear stereo? We therefore can't hear the 3d effect, but only 1d.

    November 9, 2013
  37. Marci Fehér said:

    cetera algorithm are much better

    November 20, 2013
  38. Ravi Prakash said:


    November 21, 2013
  39. Luiz Philipe said:

    With 5.1 headphones  STRATO


    December 7, 2013
  40. mohammed umair said:

    Just like Dolby Atmos…Anyways the experience was Good 

    December 28, 2013
  41. Neha Mittal said:

    I somehow do not feel any sound coming from the front. mostly from left and right. In case of the plane, i could feel it move above my head though.
    Is it just me?

    February 11, 2014
  42. tyrell rough said:

    Wow :O MindFfffff

    February 27, 2014
  43. mtbdudex said:

    I'm really looking forward to implementing this in my 11.3 Home Theater, I've got a Denon 4520CI with full 7.1 + wides/heights + 3 subwoofers.
    Pls contact me if you want a beta tester in SE Michigan!!

    March 1, 2014
  44. ExplodingWindow said:

    Astro A50 7.1 surround sound :'D

    April 8, 2014
  45. Lawrence fallas said:

    I did that with my 7.1 system… didnt have a place to set my two rear sorrund speakers…so I put them on the ceiling,i can hear planes flying over me nicely.
    Give it a try.

    May 15, 2014
  46. Päwkele said:

    doody sound :3

    June 3, 2014
  47. Bing Hang said:

    Razer tiamat 7.1 🙂

    June 4, 2014
  48. lanslater said:

    at last a  proper test  of speaker output even if my 5.1 dolby  cannot possibly reproduce the  upper and VoG channels it soon shows up if any front rear LFE or centre speakers are on the blink – great I liked and dled it

    August 1, 2014
  49. nmeunier said:

    Speaking as a major fan of surround sound (over mono and stereo formats), I can tell you with complete confidence that the majority of the buying public is so damn ignorant of audio technology that the adoption of another format will just be determined by advertising and popularity rather than quality and scalability.

    Even worse is the cash grab in the industry to make consumers purchase more speakers and receivers. Although I fully support Auro 3D over Dolby Atmos, I think it's now time for speaker manufacturers to put some serious R & D into making a new generation of transducers that don't require multiple boxes in order to cover a wide area in the room. Even the use of an array system of multiple speakers on one wall with specialized phase shifting would be a better approach than cluttering up a living space with eleven speakers (or more). This is starting to get ridiculous.

    November 4, 2014
  50. imagoatbah said:

    The accuracy depends on the listener's position in the room, the acoustics of the room, the exact placement of the speakers, the quality of the speakers and latency of the signal, etc. You'd get more accuracy with two well controlled channels (headphones) and baked phase calculations since once the sounds reach the ear canal, there are effectively only two channels anyway.

    December 13, 2014
  51. Apfelaktuell said:

    Für alle Auro 3D Fans im deutschsprachigen Raum gibt es bei Facebook nun eine eigene Gruppe! Wir freuen uns über viele neue Mitglieder!

    January 9, 2015
  52. 3D MUSIC [Ears 4D] said:

    Binaural is the future of sound IMO

    January 29, 2015
  53. Young Kim said:

    this sounds cool! Is this available already?

    March 29, 2015
  54. IFAD WORLD said:

    just hear it in 5.1 home theatre but it's "REALLY COOL!"

    April 29, 2015
  55. MrMartin2187 said:

    Strange that a presentation like this should include such an obvious error: stereo sound in cinemas was NEVER just left and right! It was a step from mono to LCRS/LtRt as in Dolby Stereo A and later SR, and Ultrasound and others.

    Beyond that, I really can't see it happening that Auro 3D stands a chance against Dolby Atmos. Sorry guys but it's all in the name at this point!

    June 13, 2015
  56. ashwin gooljar said:

    do AV amplifiers have this option??

    September 10, 2015
  57. Ping Pong isara said:

    Thx to 3D sound, my headphone is good enough to feel the vibe and direction of sound without 24 speakers, amazing ? thx again

    October 14, 2015
  58. Diego Montecinos said:

    fix the ears

    January 20, 2016
  59. Diego Montecinos said:

    fix the ears

    January 20, 2016
  60. R H D said:

    wrong… are emulator…..

    February 27, 2016
  61. rajesh kumar said:

    you mean stereo headphone is 2d?

    April 3, 2016
  62. Richard j said:

    this would be awesome with a VR head set

    September 25, 2016
  63. Gus Adrian said:

    Turtle beach elite 800 💗

    October 1, 2016
  64. Samrat Patil said:

    You could've cut to the chase by giving audio examples than yapping so much.

    October 15, 2016
  65. David Bowen said:

    Still isn't true 3D…

    November 19, 2016
  66. JACOB ZONE TV said:

    omg i cant stop laughing of joy and how awesome this is …..i love having ears

    February 3, 2017
  67. Johnny Paulick said:

    I've also upgraded to Aura 3D ..(Marantz 7011) But how do you connect speakers (TX)? Exit from Sub No. 2 through an amplifier .. ??? but what for 1st channel amplifies.?

    January 9, 2018
  68. S4YAF said:

    For everybody saying you can’t hear the 3D sound try it with headphones👍

    April 10, 2018
  69. Henry Lopez said:

    this is awesome ! <3

    April 23, 2018
  70. Blake Johnson said:

    Wow it sounds amazing.

    June 24, 2018
  71. One Two said:

    Does the movie have to be encoded in auro 3D. Or is this something that automatically works?

    September 9, 2018
  72. Abysonhopz u1 love ചങ്ക് said:

    Best realastic sound format ever
    Auro 3d

    October 3, 2018
  73. Shajin C K P said:

    didnt find to much over Dolby surround. :{

    August 16, 2019

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