Arizona Online – Informatics Program Overview

informatics is one of the fastest growing fields in technology informatics is interdisciplinary program where students learn computational methods and how to apply competition method to solve problems and design systems in academia industry and government students learn informatics courses in the program they also take courses in computer science network operations cyber securities and educational technology the informatics program is really a coming together of three different sets you have the human side you have the technology side and then you have the data we are interact with technology all the time so getting a job in informatics or in computer science we actually get behind the scene what we offer at Arizona is the ability to have small classes to have interaction with your instructor we offer some of our informatics courses and network administration courses in our virtual learning environment so for instance you can practice network operations in that virtual environment from anywhere in the world in the same way that a student in a classroom could do in a computer lab students in informatics will become lifetime learners our program is able to help our students to be ready for the job scene in the informatics field and also make them ready to grow to advance in their future life you

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