Applied Medical Sciences at Cascadia Tech Academy

What are you doing for the rest of your life? Need help answering that? Look into Cascadia Tech Academy. Do you like to help people? What if you could make it your career? Explore the healthcare field in the one year
Applied Medical Sciences program. You’ll learn skills that will prepare you
for a job right out of high school. If you qualify you can take the Washington
State Nursing Assistant Certification examination. You can also earn college credits. Cascadia Tech gives me hands-on skills that
I can use in real life. It also gives me professionalism. After this program, I’m going to get my CNA,
which is my certified nursing license, and I’m going to do that job while making money
for college, and I’m going to be a registered nurse. So, if you want a career that will make a
difference, consider the Applied Medical Sciences program at Cascadia Tech Academy. Your future awaits. What are you waiting for?

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