ApisProtect – Monitor apiaries with machine learning technology 2020 – Apimondia 2019

Hi, my name is dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and I’m the CEO and co-founder of ApisProtect and how I’m going to help the bees is By helping beekeepers to understand their operations work more effectively and help them use their labor materials of transport in a better way We achieve this using sensor technology We embed a sensor unit with temperature humidity Carbon dioxide sound and movement sensors inside the hive and then use machine learning technology to help beekeepers understand Where their health hives are where their unhealthy hives are and what they can do to help them improve their operations So our sensor measures temperature humidity carbon dioxide sound and movement Where people are going to put this? so they install it inside the roof of the hive actually if I can show you yes, so they install the sensor inside the roof was a high above the crown board and Then we’re able to measure the conditions inside the hive without interrupting the bees very much So I’m using this sensor were able to identify things like dead hives live hives large colonies and small colonies Which colonies need to be inspected and which will be due back which will do better if you just leave them alone Or also able try to identify the ideal conditions for treatment inside the hives How much is gonna be the cost of this whole thing for beekeepers? So beekeepers will find out how much it costs when we launch an early 2020s. No long term, you know, it’s not available yet So this hot new take for Apimondia. I’m very curious very curious. Thank you very much. Thanks You You

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  1. Rick Warner said:

    Now I found it ( comment section) as I was saying place an inexpensive temperature probe inside the top of the hive poor mans information any thing helps. I want to get an inexpensive scale for my hives that I can share with others information wise.

    November 11, 2019

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