Android Studio 3.5, Cloud Run Button, BigQuery Terraform module

TIMOTHY JORDAN: Hello. I’m Timothy Jordan for
The Developer Show. Now this is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. Have you wished
that Android Studio was faster, more performant,
and more memory efficient? If so, download
Android Studio 3.5. It’s for you. This stable version
of Android Studio is a different kind of release,
where the Android Studio team took a step back from large
feature work for eight months and instead focused
on product quality to further accelerate your
day-to-day app development. Details on all the updates
and a link to the download are on the post. Cloud Run allows you to deploy
containerized, serverless applications without having
to worry about operations, scalability, and security. You can package your app in a
container, deploy to Cloud Run, and get a fully
managed HTTPS endpoint. And now you can add
the Cloud Run button to the Read Me of your
source code repositories to allow others to deploy your
application to Google Cloud Platform using Cloud Run. Check out the post for a demo. With the BigQuery
module for Terraform, you can now automate the
instantiation and deployment of your BigQuery
datasets and tables, which means you have an open
source option to start using BigQuery for data analytics. Examples and links
are on the post. The ability to perceive the
shape and motion of hands could be a vital component
in improving the user experience in your app. If so, you’ll want to
check out this new approach to hand perception, which we
previewed at CVPR 2019 in June. It’s implemented in MediaPipe,
achieves real-time performance on a mobile phone,
and the source code is linked from the post. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Timothy Jordan for
The Developer Show. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next week. HTTPS. HTTPS. HTTPS. HTTPS. HTTPS. SPEAKER 1: They don’t
make it easy, do they?


  1. #messi Grd said:

    Android studio was really made much better the last one..

    August 29, 2019
  2. Kris B said:

    That detecting hand gestures can make interacting with a mobile device much easier, if it works.

    August 29, 2019
  3. Hibryd7 said:

    "The ability to perceive the shape and motion of hands could be a vital component …in your app."

    Hohoho, could it now? [Continues firmly holding on to Alphabet shares]

    August 30, 2019
  4. Jitendra Dugga said:

    Osm knowledgeable

    August 30, 2019
  5. Milind Gaikwad said:

    Timothy is back 👍

    August 30, 2019
  6. Stavro Xhardha said:

    Eich, ti , ti , pi , es

    August 30, 2019
  7. srimanvit pattanaik said:

    I downloaded the Android studio 3.5 and getting gradle sync error… It says ndk version is unknown please help me out

    August 30, 2019
  8. aantya smart said:


    August 30, 2019
  9. Siddharth Kulkarni said:


    August 30, 2019
  10. Felippe H Diniz de C said:

    Android Studio 3.5 is running well. Thanks to the team! 👍🤗
    Now I can develop my Flutter apps ⌨📲 with ease.

    August 30, 2019

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