Andrew White, CEO, CHAR Technologies

is an industrial clean tech company through our subsidiaries all tech environmental consulting and char tech solutions we provide clean air clean water clean soil and clean energy consulting and technology solutions to a variety of industrial clients as a leading innovator we're also developing bio carbons valuable carbon products made from neglected resources most recently we've developed a project with ArcelorMittal Dofasco where we will be injecting our carbon neutral coal replacement clean fire into their blast furnaces allowing them to reduce their carbon usage and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions clean fire is a coal replacement for heavy industries so by heavy industries were thinking the steel industry the cement industry industries that would love to make reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions but can't because of the very nature of the industry so what we're able to do with clean fire is take very low value feedstocks things like wood waste and all the way to sewage sludge and turn it into a coal replacement what's really exciting about it is we can make a better coal from an energy perspective than what is mined out of the ground while not producing any greenhouse gases for our industrial customers char technologies has some great growth opportunities ahead of us within the Alltech environmental consulting and the char tech equipment groups we can grow both organically and we're looking at some additional M&A work to really penetrate those markets our real big opportunity for growth is through our bio carbon development and as we bring clean fire to market it really will represent a step change in where char technologies is from today as a clean technology company one of the major challenges that we can face is shifting government policies especially when those policies shift rapidly but fortunately what we do is make sure we're well versed in all policies from municipal to provincial to federal understanding how those policies interplay and how we can really find new opportunities to push our technologies and our products forward char technologies is unique in the clean tech space because we can bring in a whole breadth of solutions and options for our customers at the end of the day we are a clean air clean water clean soil and clean energy company and we can help our industrial customers be more resource efficient through our Consulting Group we can help them reduce emissions through the emission control technologies that char tech solutions can provide and we can work in R&D and develop great new technologies like clean fire that can help our industrial customers drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions char technologies investment proposition is to get involved with a fantastic growth company with a lot of great opportunities one example is clean fire where we're replacing fossil coal and heavy industry in Ontario alone the market to replace coal in heavy industry is about 300 million dollars a year and we can displace that heavy coal with our carbon neutral clean fire tsx venture listing has been a fantastic opportunity for char technologies the private markets for smaller startup companies as we were when we were listed is very tight in Ontario once we listed we were able to much more easily raise money and it really set the foundation to allow us to make the acquisitions and the growth that we've done in the last two years

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