An IoT Asset Monitoring Experience

whether you're a small business or a fortune 1000 one thing is for certain you own and operate assets that are critical to keep your business running every day assets come in all shapes sizes and costs so maybe on premise while others are out in the field efficiently managing assets is key to running your business better and promoting growth but over 70% of businesses rely on manual techniques to locate and track their assets this leads to out-of-date inaccurate information and reduce productivity it's also the number one reason for unplanned asset write offs that occur when assets are unable to be located during audits also high-value assets require scheduled maintenance which can account for up to 25% of operating costs for a typical manufacturing company if not managed properly these costs can break a business real time asset monitoring using Oracle IOT asset monitoring cloud is key to effectively running your business and reducing costs with Oracle IOT asset monitoring cloud you'll find assets faster and improve customer experience you'll proactively monitor and maintain assets based on early fault detection and predictions to ensure up time and extend asset life cycles Oracle IOT asset monitoring cloud will help prevent theft and miss placements by instantly detecting movement of assets beyond their assigned areas Oracle IOT asset monitoring clouds will notify you when assets stop working move out of designated areas or if the system predicts an impending problem you'll be able to answer questions like where are my assets are they functioning properly are they being utilized are there any anomalies that I need to be aware of and have my assets been misplaced or stolen IOT is ready for your business today businesses of all sizes can now use IOT to unlock new opportunities and optimize existing processes Oracle IOT asset monitoring cloud service monitor any asset anywhere anytime you

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