An Introduction to Online Training Courses from Good e-Learning

hi in this short video I'm going to show you what we do at goodie learning to support the trading needs of individuals and teams around the world we're going to look at the interactive media rate certification courses that we provide for professionals our bespoke elearning services for teams and finally I'll give you an overview of the good e-learning Academy which provides organizations with the perfect environment for their global training and development needs firstly let's take a look at our credited elearning courses we provide individuals and teams with everything they need to become certified in a wide range of industry standards and best practices these courses have been carefully designed to provide the most comprehensive interactive and flexible learning experience available they're also supported by our library of resources which contain free posters and study cards and interactive quizzes we have a rapidly growing library of dedicated elearning solutions for all domain interests so watch this space so why is a good e-learning course a great way for you to study well all of our learning courses are accredited and approved you get instant access to all courseware and material and you can take the course when it suits you you're in control each course uses the latest technology to provide you with a media rich interactive experience and of course not only are our courses much less expensive than standard classroom training you also avoid the cost of travel and time on the bench here at Kuni learning we understand that it takes careful planning and knowledge to create truly effective eLearning and that's why many organizations from different backgrounds ask us to design training that will fit seamlessly with their existing development programs and ultimately business objectives for work closely with you to transform your existing training materials into interactive sophisticated eLearning that will be finely tuned to the needs of your workforce of course the next step is to bring the training and development programs of your company online and manage all training from a central point of control reducing costs and increasing performance this is where the Academy comes in within the academy managers can deploy courses to teams and define learning plans students can study take tests in the exam center and their progress can be captured and reported on in detail by the team manager an academy manager can instantly review and assess how all teams are performing across the organization the Academy environments provides the organization with a connected social learning experience where students can interact with peers and tutors post feedback and report in to managers it's the ideal mechanism for consolidating your training in order to maximize the value it provides to the company so hopefully that's given you an overview of the range of training solutions that we provide a good name I hope you enjoyed the video if you'd like to find out more about how we can help you then please get in touch thank you

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