An Introduction to Children First E-Learning Programme

hi in this presentation I'm going to tell you about the new e-learning program an introduction to children first children first national guidance for the protection and welfare of children was first launched in 1999 as a way to address the findings from child abuse inquiries we've had in Ireland and to protect children from harm in preparation for the full commencement of the 2015 children first act the government is developing revised children first national guidance to support this tuzla and the HSE have designed a new a learning program that can be accessed by everyone an introduction to children first this program will teach you about your responsibilities under the national guidance and the children first act it will help you to recognize child abuse and tells you the steps you need to take if you're worried about a child it also contains information on the legal responsibilities of mandated persons must report child protection concerns to tusla it tells you what steps must be taken in your organization to protect children this includes writing a child safeguarding statement and the policies and procedures that should be followed by everybody the program has lots of activities and really good tips to help you keep children safe it takes around ninety minutes to go through all parts of the program but you don't have to do all at the one time you can take a break and come back to it you'll also get a certificate when you successfully complete the program it's everyone's responsibility to keep children safe the e-learning program is a great starting point to help you play your part in protecting children and young people from harm

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  1. David Crotty Nangle said:

    Tusla are cunts prepare to go down hard see you in court

    June 26, 2019

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