An Industry Lead by Innovation – Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program

To me, it was always how does Tasmania
not be just the tourist state? How can it actually be deeper than that? And that’s clearly the timber industry
and both in terms of product, but also the R&D. One of the big things we’ve learned
is the depth of the industry. It has been a long time evolving, and it
has multitudes of layers and safety guards and protections from the ecologists we
found working in the bush through to the scientists actually working on
individual analysis of product. It was just incredible that whole depth of
people that was right through the process and the millers and the producers
are only one small part of that. We also saw the depth of
the R&D that’s ongoing. We’re actually looking for, what were the
new products and new technologies being developed? And you know, I thought maybe we might see
one or two, but we’ve probably seen more new products, new ideas being developed
and a huge depth of R&D of new technologies and systems that way
surpasses of what we have seen and knew before; different floor systems, different
structural beam systems, which are really going to feed that next
generation of timber buildings. But just seeing the R&D work that’s going
on and knowing that there’s a whole new generation of products, some twelve months
away, some five years away, that are really going to open the market
and take it to the next level. One of the things that’s come out of this
trip is actually building a new link to the university here, where we’ll be
looking at placing students and doing key projects and research pieces
directly with the university. It’s actually creating solutions to
problems through innovation, and that’s really quite exciting. The depth of the knowledge base and the
science and the understanding of managing forest resource right through the process
to using every bit of that fibre and has huge value, and I think that’s where the
future of Tasmania will be, is actually looking at those special products and how
to actually maximise them and put them with intellect and knowledge to actually
increase and teach other people. So yeah, it was great to see. I think the future is pretty good.

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