American Paralympic Champion Discusses Adaptive Sports Technologies and IP

in my sport adaptations and equipment is a high you know impact on how you compete and I've designed some of the equipment that is used to help make bikes more accessible for people that want to erase it the most extreme levels for myself it was allowing me to attach my non cycling side so my right prosthetic side to the bike with a unique stretch mean it's just one of those that you can imagine everything you can make it and then try and get it out there so that more people can actually participate in the sport and especially at the high levels where Paralympics is really are one big global event and being able to get as many individuals there as possible everybody on the adaptive side is using some kind of adaptive equipment mean whether it's prosthetic wheelchairs mono skis you know sit skis all of that all of those sports and have some kind of equipment adaptation involved in it and you just can't go by it off the shelf so it's all innovative and it's all unique to each individual so there's a huge realm of how equipment is handled in the Paralympic sport sighted at my company we'd started as an open source company we're trying to just get everything out there as fast as possible also accumulate as festivals and then as we are getting through we realized that we really needed to start IP with some of the products that we're using and developing to print so we're printing the parts that we're going onto the bikes using that new technology and so that's when we started or realized we needed to use the IP system to get you know our information where it needed to be for you know holding in and dancing the technology just get out there if you imagine it do it you know get it on paper get it in the hands of an engineer and make it happen

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