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What’s up guys Adam Hudson here and a
you a small business owner if you are I feel for you now small business can be
great but can also be not great long hours working with all of your staff low
margins ultra-competitive difficult I’d like to talk to you
quickly about a possible solution to that problem and it comes in the form of
a business system called Amazon FBA now what does that mean now FBA means
fulfilled by Amazon and it’s amazing because it enables entrepreneurs like
you and like me to create products and then put them up for sale into the
world’s largest market places on the internet like Amazon in America and
Amazon in Europe and even Amazon right here in Australia what’s great about it
is you can do it in the few small hours that you have available outside of what
I’m guessing is probably already a busy busy life for you we’ve helped small
business owners traditional small business owners transition into Amazon
people like Mike and Mary who had a furniture repair business in Adelaide
who went on to grow their business to six figures a month sometimes we’ve had
other students like Andrew and Andy who are already selling online in Australia
but took that experiencing using what we teach and selling it to America and
build an incredibly successful business on Amazon well what I’ve done for you is
I’ve put together a free five-part video series which you can watch it anytime
that shows you step by step Amazon FBA works and as I said with
attention is for several years now in Australia and we’ve helped many small
business owners in this country transition from traditional models with
leases and start but all those nightmares into online income that
recurs and comes in over and over and over without any of those headaches so
if you’d like to learn more all you need to do is click on the link around this
video and get access to this free five-part video series you’ll be able to
watch the first video as soon as you put your name and email in just click on the
link around the video and get started learning about something new and really
really cool thanks for watching and I’ll see you inside the videos


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