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I am DAVINCI from India and welcome to curio science YouTube channel why is
the pole star so important one star always stays in the same place
while others revolve around it this stationary star is the pole star which
is clearly recognizable by sailors and on a clear night it is possible to
located to the north by looking at it in reality the pole star is a group of
three stars pole star is the largest of all stars and is the first star to be
appeared in sky after sunset it raises in the north hence it is used as
indicator to find directions why sky is blue in color as the sunlight passes
through its rays are scattered by tiny particles of pollen suet and dust
present as the blue light is scattered the most the sky appears blue at the
time of sunrise and sunset sunlight has more to do with travel at that time only
red light can be detected and the blue light gets absorbed by the atmosphere
due to the presence of nitrogen molecules in about 72% of the Earth’s
atmosphere why do not show north at the top problem II the master math maker was
an Egyptian scientist who had produced the best maps of the ancient world he’d
rule Egypt in the center of his map into the north where the Mediterranean Basin
in Greece thus Ptolemy’s marked the north at the
top of his map since then this practice has been followed there is no scientific
basis for this setting of maps in the Middle Ages
maps were drawn with the East at the north on the left for practical purposes
the cardinal points on the map should actually indicate the situation’s of the
countries on a map thus serving the actual purpose of a map
why do days and nights occur as the Earth spins on its axis the site facing
the Sun has day while the other site has night as the Earth continues to spin the
shaded side gets light the earth takes about 24 hours to make a complete
rotation on the axis causing day and night our clocks are based on this
principle and now the atomic clocks are able to measure the exact time even if
the Earth speeds up or slows down as it spins why do some plants survive even in the
desert in the desert areas which have less moisture xerophytic plants which
adapt in dry conditions grow the largest plant of this variety are the CACTUS
found in the tropical regions of America Africa and Madagascar since such plants
have no leaves the extent of transpiration is very less chlorophyll
function occurs through the trunks which are green due to the presence of
chlorophyll in the epidermis they are cylindrical in shape and able
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