Al Opher (IBM) on Emerging Technologies: To Hold or to Fold

emerging technologies like the Internet of Things 3d printing augmented reality robotics and cognitive technologies all hit at the same time you see a lot of clients really trying to understand which one is for me there is a belief that if enough people are in it I better get in it even though I don't necessarily know why you need to have a pretty good idea whether you're after this for generating revenue driving operational efficiency driving cost optimization or workforce productivity then it becomes much clearer in terms of what the driving technologies will be to help you achieve it doubling down on an emerging technology is often going to be driven by the market dynamic that you're dealing with you're going to need to double down you don't have a choice but there's other examples where you're out there as a torchbearer making that first step it's critical that insight is a huge part of the economic viability of that business unit emerging technologies are now at the heart of these revenue generating opportunities once upon a time that used to be an enabler that used to be a compliment now they're at the heart of it and that is something that didn't exist previously you

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