Agenus: Building a Global Informatics Platform

a genis is an amino oncology company so we're developing therapies to treat cancer which act to exploit the patient's own immune system to attack that cancer the genes– has research sites that are spread out geographically so we have researchers at different sites here in the US and also at several sites in Europe it was difficult to access and share information prior to the adoption eventually it's so much faster and easier to find the information that you want and share information even in real time so there's the the lab notebook the registry the molecular biology tools and and the new components like though the workflow management system all working seamlessly together has really made a big difference for us being able to modify the system and optimize it as you're going along is really critical to working with biologics and kind of cutting-edge modalities on a day to day basis it's improving the efficiency over the long term you can see that that makes series of experiments go faster it makes program timelines go faster and it shortens our time for the development of our therapy we can capture information about materials as they're being made and then look back across the board retrospectively at the data we have for those molecules and understand what makes one different from another it has an appealing interface that's easy for people to get used to and get up to speed really quickly even without the formal training someone can go into bench laying and figure out probably about 80% of what they need to do and and navigate their way around the system the partnership with benchlink has been amazing it's actually been my my favorite part about working with fencing the team from bench lean really works with you very closely to make sure that you can use the application to its full potential but also to really customize it and optimize it so that you can use it even better for your own processes

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