"AfricaCom Is Clearly The Most Important ICT Event On The African Continent" – This Was Day 3

Africa come is clearly the most important ICT event on the continent three words that would really describe this environment for me has been energetic engaging and absolutely exhilarating it's absolutely inspirational to me it feels like I can't do it better but every time is a surprise my experience and Africa Cup 2018 has been incredible having expected this many people in one place energy levels are high it looks like there's a lot of business going have a ball and we arrived absolutely in style yeah it's it's amazing to be part of this gathering where people are deeply passionate about what they do my experience of Africa come 2018 has been one of the wildermann and I knew that it was gonna be picked that I had no idea what and for I'm really impressed the Giants for FinTech and short tech big data startups come on across the country to showcase what they made of the people here have been amazing the questions that have come out from the panelists and and debating their issues as well as from the audience themselves but a great 2080 while I'll be coming back in 2019 absolutely the the experience has been overwhelming and exciting so yes you'll definitely see me in 2019 you

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