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analytic solutions from India businesses generate diverse data at varying volumes and velocities every day harnessing such datasets in real time is critical to decision making business decisions can no longer be gut based but based on incisive and in-depth data analysis Indians analytic solutions help organizations generate insights through descriptive analytics to visualize the past and present data via dashboards predictive analytics to forecast outcomes by developing artificial intelligence and m/l models your past data is a goldmine of information did to get actionable insights monitor your business functions improve marketing ROI optimize operational efficiency increase sales growth discover your data and visualize the events through deep dive charts interactive visualization statistical indicators analyze your data with gamut of tools we use different tools like power bi tableau click view our shiny and many more to solve different problems stay ahead of the curve with m/l and AI solutions from Indians data scientists we address business challenges across industries FMCG retail in e-commerce recommendation engines product matching customer churn market mix modeling Manufacturing energy and utilities supply chain prediction equipment failure reducing leakages improving process quality forecasting demand banking and financial targeted campaigns customer scoring loss rate reduction loan decision systems risk analytics travel and transportation customer experience ancillary revenue demand prediction route optimization indium uses cutting-edge technologies to solve diverse problems logistic regression naive Bayes ARIMA PCA our Python tensorflow Azur deep learning drowning in high volume data struggling with ETL growing varied data sources our specialized Big Data unit performs all the analytics precursor activities such as cloud storage data warehousing ETL using tools such as spark Hadoop high as your AWS still wondering how to solve your data problems connect with us today visit us in diem software comm slash advanced – analytics for more information

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