Adobe eLearning Suite Tutorial – Enhanced Multi-SCO Packager – Part 1

hello everybody in elearning sweet six we have improved the way my disco packager works we have enhanced with two new templates in addition to the earlier template we had as you all know my cisco packager can combined scores from Adobe captivate adobe presenter adobe dreamweaver adobe acrobat and adobe flash let me quickly show you first template which is simple remediation template click on simple remediation click ok in this the template contains a module and in a module we have content and post-test provisions let's quickly add this content modules and then see how it works I'm going to select module 1 there are two content scores and I am going to add a post-test score as well for that module and if you observe there are two attributes here which is very important force module sequence that means i can add many such modules and force the sequence only after completing every module how do I do that select plus for the module and let's add one more module content now that force module sequence is enabled while the learner is taking the course they have to complete module want to jump to module 2 there is another attribute which says force sequence that means when I enable force content sequence and I have multiple contents course in the content then only after completing the first content I can navigate to the second content let's take a quick look at how this is going to look in an actual learning management system scenario i have already uploaded this on a scarf cloud let's take a look at the course launch the course now if you observe on the left-hand side menu both the modules are listed but only the content one of first module is enabled that's because we have enabled force module sequence thats the reason second module is disabled and we have also enabled force content sequence and that's the reason even the second content of module one is disabled let's take a quick look at the module one first content and then see whether the content to of the module one gets enabled I am clicking through the content and if you observe I just finish the last slide of the content so the second content schoo gets enabled let's click on that let's go through the content of the second contents co and now once I have finished the second content the module one post s guess enabled let me quickly take the post rest as well and in this case I'm going to fail the post-test now that i have completed module 1 module 2 gets enabled let's take a quick look at the module 2 as well that's the first contents co i am going through the module of the content and i have completed it so the second one gets enabled let us take a look at the second one and now that i have completed it post just for the module 2 gets enabled in this case i'm going to pass the post-test and the result tells me that i have passed the quiz let's go to the LMS back and take a look at the report the score is 50% how did we get fifty percent score let me quickly show you one more attribute which is a weight which is a very important attribute between module one and module two I have enabled waited as fifty percent I can always reduce this weight age or distribute it differently between two modules I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions please get in touch with us through our blog thank you you

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  1. Zo J3 said:

    This is great. Thank you for posting. But I'm getting the "ContentWrapper" and "Content Wrapper Item" in the TOC … Where and why does that show up?

    June 30, 2019

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