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the central ideas about how you get that insight into the analytics in the cloud fact that we have the capability to measure and interpret really positions as perfectly what's clear today is that this I attend is legitimately a macro trend that is absolutely disrupting our industry if you look at the technologies we have in terms of either as sensors we have a data processing we have the connectivities it plays completely to adi strengths in this area adi defines IOT about how you sense measure and interpret the signals we have in everyday applications and then transfer them to the cloud for analysis we've been doing this for 50 years our capability in terms of measurement and interpretation is the best in the world and as we apply them to industrial in healthcare businesses we are seeing how we can transform those businesses into higher value with a very specific strategy in IOT we focus on the areas that we have the best insight in terms of the application and the domain principally that's industrial healthcare and as it evolves into automotive you look at smart energy we're very strong smart machine you'll see later we've instrumented our fab we've got smart city smart agriculture and smart health healthcare disease management is just significant change coming up in terms of the healthcare industry and with our vital signs monitoring capability we're really making great strides in the healthcare space so we would continue to really generate a lot of value in those applications to the highest value applications and we would see our future in those spaces really been transformative across this IOT space we want to focus on those end applications where an important decision needs to be made and where that decision is going to be based on a trusted sensor the signal processing that's delivering valuable data that you know you can trust so when you aggregate it up to the cloud you know whoever the customer is whether it's a city or a manufacturing plant they know that the data is legitimate and that when they do the analytics on it they can make decisions and act in a lot of these cases we can leverage common platforms and then fine-tune them for these end applications and not only is there leverage in industrial but there's leverage across market segments in healthcare so our ultra-low-power platforms from sensors to processors to transceivers we have common o2 low-power platforms that have real high value and health care and they have high value in industrials so that that leverage is critical as we pursue some of these emerging market opportunities our technology is making the difference we're the ones that can generate the context we're the ones that can generate the insight so that shows the at that area is at the center of this transformation it's a very exciting time for the company it's where our silicon value is now stretching into this new level of system insight that really makes the difference in all of these industries machine health is an initiative that we've been working at for a while and between myself and Dennis Doyle leads the Limerick fab about a year ago we co-sponsored a program where we took our machine health platform which includes our vibration inertial sensors our transceiver radios our protocol stacks and we've been engaging customers and what we realized is we had the best customer we could ask for inside of a DI with our Limerick fab a wafer fabrication facility like we have here or in Wilmington that they're very complex operations you know they've got you know over 300 pieces of equipment 30 40 different vendors different types of tools so what you're really trying to do with this IOT space from an industrial point of view is trying to match all those together to get more predictability in terms of the equipment maintenance and get more uptime it's a project aimed at using sensors and sensor data to add more predictability to an older plant it takes streams of data from all the tools in fab from wired and wireless sensors located in the cleanroom in the sub table and in the mezzanine areas and it also takes data from the facility systems like the pumps in the sub lab and chemical distribution systems it initially started out as part of our to health project and then was extended and enhanced to take feeds from all the other sources that date again goes into a reporting database and we're building a data analytics platform on top of that reporting database to extract the data and analyze it and make it very simple for people to use and then finally we are developing graphical content for users so that they can very easily see where issues are occurring the manufacturing dashboard were designing at the moment it's internal but we'd like to go what this is kind of having app based off where you could be home and you could get a notification to say hold on oil you know there's something seriously wrong with your planter that you don't necessarily have to be you know within the walls of Limerick we've email alerting we've got a page or alerting so basically it's a system that works in the background it's like a set of human eyes ears vibration sensing we are building the complete ecosystem from the sensor to the cloud solution the initiative helps us to trial products and technology that allows us to understand the customer requirements in this emerging market so we can try our vibration sensors our wireless technology our wired connectivity all which power and power to the ecosystem in a machine health monitoring solution we have learned a lot along the way what the end customer is looking for you know you're looking for a solution not just a small portion of a solution while the business units are very supportive of this and are learning a lot at the same time we have a real problem to solve and you know this is from our perspective is not an experiment this is actually something that is required to keep our facility rolling at its maximum efficiency the service our customers and service the business units into the future machine health is about monitoring relatively expensive pieces of equipment and the real opportunity is in established facilities where you have equipment that's 10 or 15 or 20 years old so how do you extend the life of that how do you get early warning sign that a piece of equipment is gonna fail a distributed wireless set of sensor nodes all linked to data analytics is a great way to do that and we think we can bring that same type of solution to many of our industrial customers the same kind of condition monitoring can be applied to all kinds of smart city applications as well monitoring bridges Monarchy know all kinds of city infrastructure for many years we've had strength and success at the silicon level in order to stretch to value in a folio tea service we need to build on that silicon level including algorithms software security at the node and of course that trusted secure sensor network has got to be able to transfer to the cloud in a very secure way analytics in the cloud in a secure way so we're investing a lot on algorithms to get all our partners we're investing in software and efficiency of transfer of information that really will make the difference in us being the greatest capability at the node and analytics in the cloud so this is Adi stretching from silicon right to full solution service for our end application one of the highest value propositions we can make is to actually deliver really trusted sensor data and combine it with heat with algorithms that analyze that data and the two ends pulled together can really deliver substantial value this is Adi making transformation happen ahead of what's possible to help our customers think is possible and of course ahead of what our competitors can do we've met a lot of progress in the last nine months to a year we set up all the capability to do an ad i io t cloud service we don't do this alone there are many many partners in law analytics partners and also connectivity partners our CEO Vince has just launched a plight works the a dia OT brand – mm I Oh t experts so this is a very exciting time for us because we are starting to go live with this insight we're bringing to these new future industrial spaces healthcare spaces and showing the ADI at the center of that transformation

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