TIFFANY SHLAIN: Technology isn’t this separate
thing from us. It is us. [Music] [Music] TIFFANY SHLAIN: I think as you get older,
or at my age, you really understand your interdependence with everyone around you. And I think as a
species, developmentally we need to be getting to that real understanding of everything we
do through an interdependent lens. So a lot of my work is trying to explore this idea
of how we’re all connected how we’re living in such an interdependent
world and time and how to really incorporate that as a lens
that we view issues and the way we move about the world. So, I think technology is clearly
showing us how we’re connected in all these new ways, but I still feel like we need to
approach it from all these different perspectives. TIFFANY SHLAIN: So I’m always trying to think
about, how do you visualize this connectedness? And I feel like, this is in the zeitgeist,
I mean, we have all these tools. I think the big thing is, these tools aren’t – technology
isn’t this separate thing from us. It is us. [Music] TIFFANY SHLAIN: And fundamentally, our desire
to connect with one another, that’s why we’ve created all these extensions, to connect further
in a new way. So I’m interested in asking, you know, why do we do the things we do? Who
are we? And what is all this, what’s the potential of all this connectedness? What’s the bad
part of all this connectedness? And where could it take us? I used to be a smoker – it’s nothing I’m proud
of. But I remember the feeling when I would be smoking, and I’d want another cigarette,
and I have a cigarette in my mouth. And I’m going, what is this desire from? In my feature documentary “Connected” I definitely
go into that. TIFFANY SHLAIN: I was flying to New York to
visit this good friend of mine, and just as the plane was landing I was getting that kind-of,
you know, fidgety feeling of wanting to check my cellphone. And I was thinking, It wasn’t
that long ago that when a plane landed, we would all lung for our cigarette packs. Well
actually, we used to all smoke on the planes. But nowadays when a plane lands, we all lung
for our cellphones with that same kind of addictive fever, like we can’t stand not being
connected for a second longer. [Music] It’s called an infinite dopamine loop. When
you’re like, searching – you’re staying up late at night, and you’re going from link
to link, and you think, God, I should go to bed, I need to get sleep, but you can’t get
offline. You’re addicted to the searching and the connecting and the everything. And
it’s great, but to a point. [Music] There’s a lot of incredible aspects of being
this connected. I also think we’re incredibly distracted. I unplug from technology one day
a week, um, with my children and husband, and that’s been this profound shift for me
in the last year and a half. Because I was too connected, I was feeling too pulled in
a million directions. [Music] And I, I rush towards Friday nights. We do
it on Friday night. And, uh, sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday night, and I
just feel like it’s this resetting of my soul. I feel like I’m a better mother, wife. I get
to write in my journal. I, I read, which is very difficult for me to do these days, in
a focused manner. And then Saturday night I can’t wait to go back online, and I kind
of appreciate being able to act on every thought, and contact whoever I’m thinking about. But
I like putting my mind and my soul in a different mode of existence one day a week, and I like
knowing that I get that. The repetition that every day you have this day of not being on,
and not being available. So, it’s great. I highly recommend it. TIFFANY SHLAIN: You know I think that technology
is changing the way that we’re existing so much, and I’m really trying to get people
to stop and go, Let’s talk about it. I think good things happen when people have a conversation.
It’s just, we’re all moving so – we’re all so busy. We’re just in this incredible time
where we are, um, thinking in news ways, we’re connecting with new thoughts in new ways,
we’re recombining those thoughts in new ways. TIFFANY SHLAIN: Today, in the twenty-first
century, all of us in this room will be alive to experience what it’s like when every single
person on the planet is connected. What an amazing thought that is, that everybody on
the planet will be connected and be contributing their wisdom, their thoughts, their different
perspectives to this connected network to kind of tackle some of our biggest problems.
And I think that new ideas are gonna come from that in ways we can’t even imagine. That’s
where I get really hopefully, if we just don’t get global ADD in the process of that. We’re
not so distracted we can’t see the good ideas. [Music] TIFFANY SHLAIN: My name is Tiffany Shlain
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    November 6, 2012
  2. DrunkenArsenal said:

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  3. mikki le said:

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  5. Julian said:

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  6. Stealth Media said:

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  7. Bacca711 said:

    3rd lol
    N yea I do agree to some aspects of this video however we have to stop becoming a spoiled generation n have morals n values as well 🙂

    November 6, 2012
  8. THNKR said:

    Yes, a youtube series called EPIPHANY that explores the people that our changing our world! You can watch all the episodes in the playlist using this link: /watch?v=heoHnqsXhSU&list=PL029BF527773503E4&feature=plpp_play_all

    November 6, 2012
  9. CxTyler said:

    Jason your the one making all these videos right ?

    November 6, 2012
  10. Saternoc said:

    Twitter and YouTube is contributing to my internet addiction. I am going to try to unplug 3-4 days a week for now on.

    November 6, 2012
  11. egal said:

    Love this video. Really cool ideas this woman has.

    November 6, 2012
  12. brod2man said:

    Meditate. Control your mind and your addictive tendencies.

    November 6, 2012
  13. Marcara081 said:

    Addicted to the internet?

    Can't think of a better thing to be addicted to.

    And hey, better than the fucking bible.

    November 6, 2012
  14. aedmeig38 said:

    lacked new insight.

    November 6, 2012
  15. THNKR said:

    Hi Saternoc, we hear you! Would love to find out how this experiment goes.

    November 6, 2012
  16. Saternoc said:

    No problem! I am going to try to keep track of the days I recreationally surf the web and the days I don't to make it official.

    November 6, 2012
  17. BigMaxGamer said:

    I'm here because i am addicted to the internet

    I'm supposed to be working on an essay now, but I'm watching your video !

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  20. Anna said:

    This disconnected day of the week sounds like how SDA's do sabbath! 🙂

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  21. khodges72 said:

    I don't think that it is an addiction. I think it is just procrastination x1000 due to the fact you have a ridicules amount of information and entertainment at your fingertips , it is so easy to waste time, especially with you tube.

    November 20, 2012
  22. esseserve said:

    3:28 I was like CLICK IT ! CLICK IT !!!!!

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  23. chessdude67 said:

    I am also going to take a day off from the internet a week. I also can't stand carrying a cell phone in my pocket everyday! Life was so much easier for me…before them. Anyway, thank you for making me think.

    You have a new subscriber.

    Tim  🙂

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  24. Djanilsa Nunes said:

    Sounds like me my mom tells me I'm addicted to the internet all the time

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  25. SeeTheWholeTruth said:

    Its a nice overview in a semi blandish point of view. The emotion is there but not what is really part of the challenge of overall interdependence to the individual. The fact is she has focused on the inherent issue of social disconnection to localized reality, using the internet/phone as focus in this little bit. The reality of interdepence and connection is the unmasking of the truth. Whether it be personal realization or complete honesty… and that is what the greedy/powers dont want.

    November 22, 2012
  26. Antiquity said:

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  27. Antiquity said:

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  28. Wendy McClelland said:

    Great idea to unplug one day a week. Some weeks I do it – others not so much. But you make some great points about why its important.

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  29. TheVoxRox said:

    I use the Internet a LOT, but I do find it very sad to see that people have to actually (and consciously) 'think' of, or 'make an effort' to… disconnect from the Internet (Computer and/or Mobile device)! Even though I use technology, I still cannot understand why so many people (especially younger people) feel to need to be constantly 'hooked up' or online!? What would these people do if the Internet, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Mobile Phones and even Cordless Phones suddenly DISAPPEARED!? :-/

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    i went with out net for 3 months cuz my laptop broke.

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  31. Phil Harper said:


    I've literally JUST finished my book on this very topic. It's going on sale tomorrow, and it's called How You Got Caught in the Net. Would be awesome if we could do a video perhaps? Maybe a follow up to this one?

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    Cause most addictions are linked to a psychological problem or the lack of a mental need. You're correct it is sad. I think l am addicted to the internet, I don't have many friends so try to communicate on the internet and have social anxiety. These problems are depressing however I think if I broke my internet addiction it actually might be a tad easier to overcome my anxiety. I'm gonna try to go on the internet less but this actually (no joke) seems hard since I have to change my home routine

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