ACM Charles P. “Chuck” Thacker Breakthrough in Computing Award: Mendel Rosenblum

the cloud computing infrastructure that supports online services today depends on virtual machine technology yet virtual machines invented by IBM and others in the 1960s had fallen out of favor in the late 1990s however that changed when Mendel rosenbloom and his students at Stanford University brought virtual machines back to life this model that people were using where the hardware and operating system was considered sort of one you know that just didn't broken the idea that you could decouple those and now have the software where you can applied seem like this the better way to me in 1998 Rosenblum and his collaborators founded VMware they could see that the future of virtual machines was to use them to support the management and execution of multiple diverse software environments the value of virtual machines would become the bundling of all the software needed to perform the desired functionality in a form that leads to efficient execution and management we were finding out all these things and ok what does this mean for a virtual machine and how do we have to do it and I went to show my my wife Diane who was running the company yet and I had told her well look it's running it booted overnight it took 8 hours and she she she merely said well that's no good I told her you know it's good because it knows we know don't know everything it needs to do to pull off this virtualization of VMware would go on to popularize the use of virtual machines on the dominant x86 architecture to allow many different software environments to share processor resources within a data center that approach would ultimately lead to the development of modern cloud computing every time I encountered something I wanted to know how it worked would dive into and computers are great for that and I'm not sure that recipe for someone today especially because things are so complex they certainly worked well for me

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