Achieving SDGs through ICT [Subtitled]

this is a simple explanation of how Fujitsu contributes to SDGs through the power of ICT Hara works as a sales representative for Fujitsu when a client asked him about SVG's Hara didn't know what to say back at the office Hara immediately did some research he found that SDGs stands for sustainable development goals to realize a sustainable world the United Nations adopted in September 2015 a set of global goals to be achieved by 2030 in all there are 17 goals with 169 targets covering the economy the environment and society this involves more than just the UN and national governments corporations are also expected to contribute toward realizing these SDGs Hara discussed this with his fellow workers he wanted to know how Fujitsu can contribute to this initiative one example is auto manufacturing car makers have always improved production line efficiency and fuel economy in order to expand sales but cars are increasingly seen as a mobility service rather than as individual transportation and auto manufacturers are collaborating with governments to transform cities into smart communities analyzing big data such as moving vehicle locations helps alleviate traffic congestion and to benefit every person in the community we can construct navigation systems for all modes of transportation this will realize the safe and comfortable transportation objectives of SDGs goal 11 sustainable cities and communities and by reducing a city's overall co2 emissions it'll contribute to goal 13 climate action the distribution and retail sections are moving towards mass customization through a closer grasp of consumer needs and more precise predictions of supply and demand this will lead to reduced food Kotik wastage and higher distribution efficiency contributing to goal 12 responsible consumption and production using ICT we can provide higher quality services irrespective of location this helps achieve goal 3 good health and well-being and goal for quality education para now sees how fujitsu ICT can contribute to his clients achieving their SDGs so he creates a team of sales staff and system engineers keen to research ways to help their clients businesses contribute to the creation of a sustainable society Haris team is already coming up with proposals based on their fresh viewpoint fujitsu working with our clients to help achieve sustainable development goals you

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