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[ Music ]>>Woo, it’s getting hot.>>If you’ve ever been
interested in working with electronic-based
equipment systems at businesses, energy-related or
manufacturing-related, this is the place to come.>>Now we’re going to measure
the current through here.>>One nice thing about the way
they set up the specialties is that they’re all founded on
one core electronics degree. So it’s very wide, very diverse. And we’ve done that
to allow our students to fit their aspirations
and their career interests.>>It got time to go to college. I was like, well, I
really like doing acting, I love doing stunt work, but
I like being in the robotics, I like being in the high-tech
fields, and it just seemed like the logical outcome.>>The program was put together
with the help of industry. The faculty are very qualified. Most faculty are engineers
that came from the industry.>>Now we’re going to
check the other side here.>>We have different
businesses come to us and offer our students
internship opportunities. And at the end of
the internship, sometimes companies will
offer a full-time position to the student.>>You would simply
say compare A.>>Students coming here know that they’re getting a very
high-quality degree that’s accredited and that meets
all the requirements by the local accreditations
by the state, higher education
coordinating board.>>So as soon as I stand out
of the way, the currents go up. And the fan speed goes up. There are jobs here. And there are long-term jobs that are not going
to be off-shore.>>997. What’s the amp reading?>>You’ve got an interest in
electricity, electronics, solar. There’s great opportunity
for you here. It is a hot industry.>>For more information on this and other ACC career
training programs, visit [ Music ]

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