About Using Technology Better

Hi, I’m Mike Reading and I’m a Google
Certified Teacher and Trainer and a Microsoft Education Master Trainer. My team and I help people just like you to
use technology better. I found Mikes talk very impressionable. It’s really good him coming from a teaching
background actually giving real applications and talking about what technology can do in
a hypothetical world. Our motto is ‘No more boring training sessions’. As a teacher I sat through way too many boring
training sessions and as a business owner too often I would attend training that was
outdated, irrelevant or where the trainer clearly didn’t want to be there. So as a result it is our fundamental commitment
to you that the training we provide will be relevant, fun and engaging. So what makes our training different? Well we don’t take a cookie cutter approach
to your training. We provide training for companies and schools
ranging from a handful of stuff to multiple thousands of employees spread across numbers
of campuses. No two training situations are the same. So you won’t see us walk in with a training
manual. You won’t see us try and change everything. We’ll take the time to understand your unique
strengths and challenges and tailor your training to suit your needs. As we as this you’ll get up to date training
that is working right now. As a trainer we use technology everyday in
our own businesses and schools. We have teachers who are currently teaching,
we’re running companies, we have a mixture or remote and local staff. Our range of services, products and training
will help you cut through the noise and opinion and will show you what will work consistently
in your context with minimal disruption and frustration. To contact us simply leave a comment in the
section below or by our contact page on the www.usingtechnologybetter.com website.

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