AB InBev's Global Innovation and Technology Centre

I'm a research IT tech and I work on projects related to serials and mod I lead a work stream developing appliances for cooling and dispense I'm part of the acceleration team and therefore supporting the project management of key focus big program I work at the lab technician in the Eastern fermentation lab and I work on innovative products creating new beers I work on that in the department as a glass special I'm part of G Tech and I work on the packaging of tomorrow maybe imbed as the world's leading Brewer is all about having a big dream the best people and having a common culture and gtex role within it is to innovate within our global brands and our local brands to bring new technologies and product platforms to market detect and R&D is growing importance the company so we have been growing our capabilities our team or people our knowledge and expertise and we are one of the key enablers of grow the company today and for the future in volunteers is that different than wine when a crop of great doesn't go well and the wine person can go yeah you know this harvest wasn't so good that's why the wine doesn't turn out good for beer maker we don't have that option so the people that drink Budweiser the people that drink Stella they expect the tea stand the quality of still a year after year and we ensure that the quality of the raw material is the same to deliver the same quality to our customers what makes the difference at GTECH is really the people at the team that work on the project and for me what is important is as a manager that I invest my time in the people as well in coaching them helping them what surprised me the most is the fact that we are the global team and actually we work a lot with all our zones and a lot of different countries like Mexico America Jen Tina China and every day is different than the previous one one of the things I really like about doing R&D in G deck is the fact that there's always a clear goal so they're different every single time but there's a clear goal you're working towards – and that's very interesting one of the key of the success of G Tech is the people and the mentality which is here it's a new organization and sees all the people had that motivated and have the same attitude toward the project is a very powerful environment work

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  1. Life is Worth Living said:

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    June 27, 2019

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