A Video Message about DOE PAGES for DOE-funded Authors of Scientific Publications

***music*** You do important work. And you know how important it is to share that important work with your colleagues and peers. And so you write it up, and it gets published in one of those awesome scholarly journals, and people talk about your research, and you get cited in more awesome scholarly journals and—What?
There’s a whole bunch of other people who are interested in your work? And they don’t have access to it because they don’t have subscriptions to those awesome scholarly journals? There’s got to be a better way! There is! Introducing the Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information public access portal, called DOE PAGES. It was created to provide free public access to articles by DOE-funded researchers. To get their papers into DOE PAGES, all DOE-funded researchers are required to submit their accepted manuscripts to their labs’ publications system or directly to OSTI. This is a great way for DOE to show the American public the important work that’s underway to solve some of the biggest science and technology challenges. Each year, DOE contributes some 11-billion dollars to R&D in this country. And DOE PAGES demonstrates the return on that investment for tons of science enthusiasts everywhere—Like other scientists, students and teachers, journalists, congressional staff, entrepreneurs.They can now freely search and access all the DOE funded research found in those awesome scholarly journals. Already DOE PAGES provides access to a large collection of scientific articles and accepted manuscripts. And, it’s predicted to add another 20- to 30- thousand publications each year. So, now you have a better way to reach that whole bunch of other people who are interested in your work. At the same time, you help DOE achieve public access and demonstrate the results of its R&D investment. Your research becomes a part of DOE’s amazing archive dating back to the Manhattan Project era. Better yet, even more visibility, more recognition, and more people talking. And who knows? That could mean more opportunities to transfer your knowledge and discovery into the next big thing. How do you get in on this, right? It’s easy. Submit your accepted, peer-review manuscript into your lab’s publication system or go directly to OSTI’s E-Link. Within 12 months or less from the publication date, the document will be publicly available in DOE PAGES, which is indexed by Goggle and other search engines. It doesn’t get much better than that! So, thank you, for your help in making the important work you do available…the American public. ***music***

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