A to Z of Dog health care – Dogs and Technology!

Hi everyone This is Dr. Juliet welcome to today’s A to Z dog healthcare you maybe wondering why i’am sitting next to WiFi router Well just recently some clients ask me Hey Juliet which apps are on my phone do you recommend for my pet for my dog and I said like I actually at that moment I didn’t have an answer I maybe like, I found myself stupid in that situation because I was in there like I had no clue and it was a question that I didn’t expect because I have to honest I’ve never used an app for a dog or I’ve never recommended an app for a dog because I believe that technology is useful when we need it, when we need to do a surgery when there is something that we have to do with technology, but really using an app I would say its much better to spend time with your dog to pat him because your phone will not be able to pat your dog and he doesn’t need to watch movies with little doggies running around, just spend some time with him because what I always say even to my kids your phone won’t save you when there’s fire in the house… Your pet will not build a relationship with you if you don’t spend time with him and the physical contact you can have with your dog is much more important than the technology and on the other hand there’s also the danger of ..how do you say? .. Radiation there when we need WiFi when i need internet the WiFi router is switched ON But as soon as i don’t need it anymore we switch and any electronic device off because I know that has a consequence on our health so even at night the WiFi router is switched off we don’t sleep with the phone next to us the phone is on the another room, if we really need to be reached, but on the other hand if somebody needs to reach me I cannot do a lot in the middle of the night if even something would happen with my parents in Belgium So its really important to know what you want to use an app for, i believe apps and phones are made for humans, and just to a minimal the physical and emotional contact you create with real life is far more important, its maybe my humble opinion, but that’s how i see things and I had clients coming in with dog, he was really sick we couldn’t find anything nothing in the bloods nothing in any complimentary exam until the owner said me in the anamnesis I think Juliet I know what happened we just switched to a bigger electronic bar just outside of the wall where my dog is sleeping everyday and at that moment I knew already a little bit about the dangers of radiation and for example all the telephone networks but not only and I said ‘ooh’ ‘explain me little bit more’ and there he explained that they had to upgrade the power box outside of the house and the dog.. his favorite place in the house where he could actually be in peace and see everywhere that was just on the other side of the wall and only .. only one or two months after that dog started to fall sick the moment we switched the box again to an old power box that the owner actually asked the company to come back and to remove the new installation A month later the dog was fine again eating again and all parameters were normal again so its not a .. how do we say its not fiction we have real practical cases that has shown that there is a vast effect of .. how do we say electromagnetic field around us , so apps ? yes! if you have to do your groceries and you cannot go out why not using an app so you get delivered but again get.. go local take your dog on a walk and get the stuff in the shop next to you make the local people live again your dog will be happy and you will be happy too So i’am sorry I do not recommend any app uhm.. I don’t know any app that I would really find useful and that will really change the health of your dog So thank you for watching me today I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel Dr. Juliet Decaestecker and tomorrow I will be there again with some more answers have a nice day

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