A Focus on Video within E-Learning from Marshalls

when adults learn in the modern workplace they increasingly use video platforms like YouTube Vimeo and ted talks to get what they want when they needed this matches our own approach with Marshalls video elearning service that features a new line of quick courses that are ninety percent video and ten percent text diversity is a topic that people can easily become complacent about so our quick video refresh offers post Equality Act training featuring realistic character-driven scenarios to keep people thinking but it's not just about the scenarios we also build resources around expert advice offered by leading practitioners such as Dan Robertson from the e nei who worked with us on a 10 minute masterclass on overcoming workplace bias and our video based unconscious bias course which is presented using world-class interactive design to consolidate and test learning video is the most engaging and immersive learning medium and is great for learning on the mobile devices that people increasingly use at marshalls we use our in-house expertise to produce videos that don't just look good but actually teach people the core content they really need to know we can do this by filming our experts or yours or by putting together rich scenarios using our award-winning actors we produce content for most universities in the UK plus clients like these so why not join them contact us today for a free trial

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