A Day In the Life of An Informatics Pharmacist | Episode 1

what's going on guys today we have some special guests with us two of my colleagues who I work with and you know we probably know Sam you've been featured on some of my previous videos but now we have Corinne as well so I don't you want to just do some introductions where we came from where we did our residency training and what's your first position so it's start Kareem so I'm Kareem comments I am a pharmacist I did my undergrad training and routine State University and human physiology and I minored in my other humanities of pathology I went to pharmacy school at University Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan and then I did my due to a what training and pictures in and all where's the old clinic in Pontiac Michigan and then I went back to Harvard to be like in July to specialize in compartment informatics my current position I'm here working as a one of the in pharmacist on the me companion for all our epic implementation so it's working with hee hee monkey monk and focusing mainly on adult research ok ok all right well again from regional has a did my pharmacy school effects billion diversity in Houston Texas after finishing their or government formed II I went in Houston actually and did might be do I want to hear it helps us gum incidentally do I want after a pinch that program up at a p2 I to mid was Mayo party informatics and right now my current role I magic smart pumps though they call me smart I'm Sam you'll love being with Tom like no pun intended we're talking about general fusion plugs PCA pump of integral continent from sea level ni for medication bills related to unrelated workflow such as pulmonary hypertension and slim et cetera so fun stuff alright guys that I should do it just another thing brief ok so just a quick introduction to undergrad and pharmacy school at the University of Florida p2i one and Sarasota Memorial P go to University of Utah current position as I described a new antimicrobial stewardship and infection control so that's kind of it I guess you can kind of talk about a Dana light that's pretty the hot topic for us students out there and your arms is cut throughout what do we do you know every single day what do we do they never see us you know so that's just a pleasure I guess we just kind of open discussion you know rough paper and during things but good I think probably the thing that you'll always be fun anybody in terms of being dramatic consolidating your day to day job is a really different every single day that's one of the reasons like a musical field by Monday Wednesday and Friday later or my week by week or my mom's is a little bit to meet families and Salima ground messengers as relatives but it's not always so structured we really have a vocalist we're going to be coming home today so sometimes a little chains I'll peel off sometimes I'll end up going and I end up will you do the shadowing or doing some interactions with what some of my colleagues to see how their work clothes are going to work out and then opposite turn places which is within the country itself as well well we have a new jet late comers he was on call so you know day to day I'm Alicia first and free blinking but uh it's kind of an introduction video so we're just kind of saying you know where we get our education where we DIF be training in what supervision so went reduce itself whirlwind index yeah my name is Dennis limp I did my PG I won at Indiana University health and my PG web team and vo ah State University Wexner Medical Center specializing in cymatics had a lot experience at that time in from the automation and operation and essentially what I do here at Mayo Clinic my responsibilities really include all Texas which is our Arlen Specter cabinets all tala such as a carousel as well as any related interface or technical and some questions or learning interfacing between interoperable system okay so we have four left and if you didn't know we had like the most PG y to Train informatics harnesses and capital yeah without ours it was a motion that means they hired like six or seven or no onions wait a bit pretty awesome oh we just talked about dating life like what we do and cream just saying like variable right what about say you know what why just going to ask a I'm like what what is your date what was your day like today we'll I mean this is actually unique not actually here what the gang typically at working remotely so I can be in Texas I do team flora Arizona as they'll do my Intel oh I can be implanted in my doing my work alter at all time much computer was everything about technology we're talking about we have the resources to be able to vote in two different side be able to call in different meaning whether it be on a telephone or actually video so every day is neat just like Kareem talked about that's the fun thing about it you realize we have automation in here you have clinical with beacon and then you're talking about infection control every day for a week and that's just the way it formats is into a hospitals work there's always going to be a different situation and cated really working on so just using pre opportunities to be as well yeah I would agree I think I think one of the most unique aspects of our job in the function the ability to be location independent you know if you think of a Klecko pharmacy you think of the retail pharmacy to pick up essentially any other attack performances I'm having a present necessary and I think for us we actually probably look better being able to be in a location that suits us the best and so for us here at the commune centers of percenter say I'm obviously effective but you know we don't have to be in person and I would say 99% of my machines are not face to face because what we do is really in the background a lot of decision-making from can be done for patients in the Senate and so I do enjoy that flexibility from this terrible career compared to basically any other census offices nurses probably I know for myself a lot of mine is actually face to face because there's so much involvement and interactions of some of our knowledge of seniors our pharmacist all of our nurses everybody on the study staff having to go through the rope you actually have enough signing off on that and we really do a lot get to do a lot of in-person and on-site meetings because of that so it's also really nice because you get to in LA you will become the face of whatever implementation what you're saying is if you don't want to have meetings in person do not do not call who got in last out in because I don't know how many how many meetings you have what we're going to person with your Swedes in the pub world or yourself in the infection control world a lot I think a lot of us Emma accept oncology is that that actually kappapride I didn't know that you had Batman in person meeting we are we do we value intentions and everything like that my Wednesday basically free for all 15 being downtown and being available remedies and casual with the polymer is Michael Uncle Zeb what the benefit of impersonating you can go but it was it is true this will be like a very short video just introduce everyone and just talk about Dana life I think we just kind of ended here then I talk about some more topics in another video so until they said guys hey guys thanks for tuning in and watching the video if you like the content definitely hit the impro RX button over here left to subscribe and definitely check out more videos over here to your right now as always if you have questions comments and even better suggestions for future videos definitely let me know the comments below otherwise until next time guys

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    Thanks for this informative video! I'm currently a student in pharmacy school and had no idea about this specialty!

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