6 Reasons Why Japanese Love Robots

6 Reasons Why Japanese Love Robots Think of robots and the first country that
will often come to mind, is Japan. The country is home to so many quirky things
not found elsewhere. So it comes as no surprise that they have
become the largest producers and main innovators of robots in the world. The Japanese, both young and old alike, are
all equally fascinated with these technological marvels. Robots in Japan are not limited to those life-sized,
metallic ones that people generally think of. These robots, also known as “mecha”, also
include the buildable ones, known as “kits”, irregularly shaped ones, and so many others;
there are just so many kinds of robots in Japan that people are no longer surprised
when encountering one. Robots have become part of the new normal. There is a worldwide fascination with robots,
but the Japanese take it to the next level, almost to the point where it can be considered
an obsession. But why is that so? Number one: The building process itself is
enjoyable for them. The Japanese are not just interested in seeing
the finished product, that is, the robot. They are also as fascinated in the building
process. From the research and conceptualization, to
the actual building and showing it off, the Japanese are heavily involved. And in Japan, it’s not only those big companies
with fancy machineries who get to enjoy building robots. There are also smaller versions of robots
that can be built even by children. These model kits, most famous of which are
the “Gundam”, are a big hit in Japan because it allows the people to build their own robots
piece by piece with the help of a manual. Men and women alike and of all ages actually
enjoy building them. Number two: The otaku culture plays a big
role in their fascination with robots. Japan is known for its anime and its “otaku”
culture, where fans are heavily obsessed with all things anime, manga, and technology. This has played a crucial role in starting
their love for robots. One of the earliest popular anime was Astro
Boy, which eventually became famous worldwide. The main character, Astro Boy, was a robot
known for his human-like personality. Number three: For entertainment and healthcare
purposes. Some companies create robots mainly for novelty
reasons. They create robots to satisfy the curiosity
of people and let them be entertained. This is why there are robots that exhibit
human-like or animal-like tendencies. In fact, there’s even a robot restaurant
that is famous for both locals and foreigners alike because of the kind of entertainment
they provide. Instead of humans, robots are the ones providing
entertainment, and you can see them battling it out or even being the stars of a cabaret
show. Some are even being used for adult entertainment. There are also robots developed for therapeutical
purposes. Scientists believe that robots can help humans
by assisting in therapy or as pyschological support systems, as in the case of animal
robots that provide comfort to patients. Number four: To keep up with generally low
manpower. One of the biggest issues facing Japan is
its diminishing population, and to solve that, they turn to robots. The Japanese are generally still hesitant
to hire immigrant workers so they would rather give the jobs, especially the menial ones,
to robots. Since they are fully automated, they tend
to work faster. Number five: Competition between technological
companies. Companies, especially technology-centered
ones, have the tendency to be competitive. These companies create different kinds of
robots so that they can showcase their skills in research and development. They want to be seen as the leaders. Competition is key, even in the robot-making
business. Once a company releases a new robot, expect
others, especially those they consider rivals, to follow suit. Number six: Shinto belief of animism influences
how they treat robots. One of Japan’s major religions is Shinto. And one of its core principles is the concept
of animism. They have this idea that all things, including
non-living and man-made, are home to different spirits. This is the reason why they are respectful
of everything that can possibly house a spirit, even robots. They consider it important to treat everything
preciously in order to live harmoniously with nature. Robots are seen as an equal or at least a
helper, and this is the reason why they treat robots as if they were human. They don’t see any distinction between living
and non-living things because they believe everything has a spirit inside. Many have pointed out that while others see
robots as enemies, they are considered friends in Japan for so many reasons. While others shun robots because they think
they disturb the balance of nature, Japan openly embraces them. For the Japanese, robots are a big help because
they make their lives much more convenient and provide some welcome entertainment at
home and in the streets. This fascination of the Japanese with robots
seems to be growing, and shows no signs of stopping yet, so people can expect to see
even more robots. Who knows, one day humans and robots will
literally walk side by side out on the streets and it would not be surprising if it started
in Japan.


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    One more reason why I love Japan

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